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Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the Town

I had a wander through the streets of Pattaya on Friday night and was surprised by just how quiet the bars were/are. I'm not sure if this is a measure of anything but half the seats in Iron were vacant. The last time I ventured in the place it was standing room only.

In fact it was so quiet in Iron that a girl with a figure very similar or possibly even better than Meow's in the photo below approached me and tried to force her 'charms' on me. Now every man his his breaking point and Meow's look-a-like certainly found mine. Everything was going swimmingly until the subject of a Bt180 ladies drink was raised. That's when my Yorkshire roots cut in and my breaking point became un-broke. I mean, Baht-one-feckin'-eighty. I can buy two Starbucks coffees for that, even a ticket to a movie that will last 2 hours. Where do they get these prices? Strangely, the beautiful young temptress appeared to lose interest at this point and I was left drinking alone. The girls clearly have some sign language that let's every other girl in the bar know you're a tight twat and from there on everybody else swerves you like you've got facial herpes. Little did they know I had a Plan B.
Plan B was to cross over to Sharks to follow up on a girl I'd met the week before. This new employee of Sharks ranks in my top 3 girls in Pattaya, nay Chonburi, oh sod it, Thailand. If Playboy centre spreads are your thing then this girl will appeal to you and believe me, she needs no Photoshopping. Well, said Playboy girl was all over some blond haired, ghostly looking geaser and although I could tell she really wanted to be with me, I thought me standing around on my own like a dick for 2 hours waiting for blondie to clear off was more than enough devotion on my part. Maybe she'd heard I didn't buy a ladies drink in Iron!! Stranger things have happened in this town... Time for Plan C. Only problem is, I didn't have one.

I finished the night complementing a German friend on how well Germany had played in the World Cup... Suicidal or what.....        

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