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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Young, British and buying sex abroad

The Thai sex trade is driven by overweight, unattractive, middle-aged divorcees, right? Wrong. A Fabulous investigation reveals it’s now 20-something Brits paying for sex. Article by Eimear O’Hagan & Andrew Drummond in Pattaya,

Nick and Gary are on a boys-only holiday with a difference. Their girlfriends think they're on a golfing trip, when in fact they have come to Thailand solely to have sex with prostitutes.

The young men, both 21 and chefs, are in the beach resort of Pattaya for the first time on a two-week break. Good-looking, with decent jobs and gorgeous girlfriends at home, they are not the sort of guys you expect to see paying for sex on the seedy streets of Thailand. But in the 24 hours since they landed, they've already handed over cash to two prostitutes.

Unashamedly, they compare it to trying to secure a one-night stand. While they might buy girls drinks all night only to get blown out in Tenerife, here they know if they fork out money, they're guaranteed sex at the end of the night.

As they head into a bar, wallets bulging with Thai bhat, girls swarm around them. It's clear the new sleazy sex tourists are more likely to be your boyfriend, your husband, your brother or even your son.

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Ed. Favourite comment but I don't know why.... Quote: Ling explains that while young men are easier on the eye, many girls actually prefer the older clients. "With young men, it's non-stop boom boom," she frowns. "Old men are better. They're not as demanding." :Unquote.

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