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Monday, September 20, 2010

Learn Cake Baking - RT/WW

These simple ingredients turned into delicious cakes...

Several overseas friends sent their children to me during their school vacation. Besides bringing them sightseeing, I have to organize activities to keep them occupied.

listening to the teachers' instructions

One of the activities is cake baking. I brought them to Jaymes' first baking school and let the children have fun baking cakes.

Learning how to glaze a cake....

It was their first time learning to bake a cake. The ingredients were simple and the steps were easy. The teachers showed them how to bake Peach Cheese Cake, Banana Cake and Black Forest Cake.

Putting the finishing touches to our Black Forest Cake....

There was a Swiss gentleman who came to holiday in Singapore for 12 days. He took up a 5-day baking course. He learned to make doughnuts that day and shared them with my children.

The doughnuts were very delicious, the children finished every one of them! And the Swiss man only learned to bake them for 3 hours! He can open a doughnut shop in Switzerland. :)

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