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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sex change operations in Thailand - one third of the cost elsewhere

Using a penis to create a vagina is relatively easy, compared to the surgical difficulty of constructing a penis with a clitoris.

Thailand's most famous transgender surgeon, Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon, bends people both ways. "I have done more than 3,500 of this kind of operation in 30 years," Preecha says during an interview at his modern, three-story, white-walled Preecha Aesthetic Institute on upmarket Thonglor Road.After a surgeon slices off the male organ, and plumps the breasts with implants, the newly created woman can usually enjoy sexual relations and climax, he says.

"Eighty percent have a relationship with a man. The rest become the so-called lesbian. About 80 percent of the patients are able to get the orgasm," Preecha says, describing the result of a male-to-female sex change.

Displaying excruciatingly graphic medical photos on his computer's screen, Preecha explains why it is much more difficult to turn a woman into a man. The medical and cosmetic problems convince most women to opt for a very small penis, instead of an average-sized longer one.  "Today, we have more and more patients wanting the so-called 'small penis,' or the 'micro penis.' We usually elongate the clitoris, and the patient is able to have about one-inch of a penis.........

Ed. I can't post any more of this, it's making my eyes water.... To read the full article, go to The Free Press.

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