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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thailand's Golden Triangle was once the opium capital of Asia and can offer travellers both history and trekking

You have to travel a long way to find an opium museum. And then, when you do, there's another one almost next door. These two idiosyncratic tourist attractions – the only opium museums in the world – are to be found in the Thai town of Sop Ruak, at the confluence of the Nam Ruak and Mekong rivers, where Thailand, Burma and Laos collide. At one time, Sop Ruak was a key player in a trade in opium that earned this strikingly beautiful part of the world the name "Golden Triangle".

Now it is a bustling tourist centre where Western backpackers and coachloads of Asian visitors enjoy the sight of dazzling golden Buddhas and pop into the plethora of shops and restaurants that now line the promenade – before setting off on jungle treks.

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