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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dinner in the Dark at Jimbaran Bay - PH

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Win's Balinese friends brought us to Jimbaran Bay which is famous for its seafood restaurants by the beach.

It was late when we arrived at the restaurant. Most of the seafood was sold out.

After selecting our seafood, we handed them over to the cooks. The BBQ room was smoking hot. :P.

We were led to a table on the sandy beach. It was pitch black except for the flickering candles on the tables. It was a lovely, breezy night. Despite the noisy diners, we could hear the waves in the distant darkness. I didn't dare to explore further in case I fall into the sea. :P

Our food arrived and it was so-so. The price was exorbitant due to its popularity with tourists.

It was only after dinner that Win told me this is the exact spot where two bombs exploded among diners at about 8:00pm on 2nd October 2005, killing several diners.


Diners eating in the dark.

I may be bold and adventurous, but I am not thrilled to live so dangerously!! Jeezs.... I hate the 'B' word! 

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