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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Want To See Rotting Bodies On a Holiday Trip? - WW

On our way up the winding route to Penelokan Village to view Batur Volcano, we passed many ladies carrying heavy baskets of fruits on top of their heads. It's a common sight in Bali, I was amazed at how strong their heads and necks are as the basketful is indeed heavy and bulky.
The long road is lined with a mix of quaint little shops selling Balinese arts and craft. There were many fruit plantations too.

Located in Kintamani District, Penelokan Village is the best place to view Batur Volcano and Batur Lake. This volcano has erupted several time already. The biggest eruption was in 1926 which destroyed Batur Village and now it has moved to higher ground. Batur Volcano is considered an active volcano, regularly letting off steam.

There were 53 deep and 83 shallow volcanic earthquakes between 1-11 November 2009. Batur Volcano is a popular tourist location on Bali, and offers spectacular views of one of the world's most impressive calderas. The last eruption of Batur Volcano occurred in year 2000.

It was chilly on the mountain top and we were enveloped in fog. A young villager tried to persuade us to take a boat ride across the lake to see their traditional burial ground. According to him, their dead are brought to the island and left there. An unusual ritual but ....... 

Which tourist in his/her right mind would want to see rotting bodies!? *shudders*

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