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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Entering December: 5 Resolutions to Scratch Off

I woke up this morning with the soft tint of sunlight streaming into my room through curtains that were slightly ajar. I lay in bed for a few minutes, luxuriating in the few quiet moments before the usual bustle of my day began. I glanced at my blinking Blackberry and the December train hit me: In 31 days, it will be 2011. In a matter of weeks I will be battling jetlag through three different

Trendy Trench Coat

Jangan tanya berapa suhu kota Paris atau Amsterdam awal Mac nanti, yang penting masa tu nanti masih sejuk dan saya masih perlukan trench coats, jackets, boots, thermal wear maybe tak payah kot and gorgeous glovesss!!

In order to add on apa yang dah sedia ada dalam wardrobe - so far I have my old Naf Naf leopard prints trench coat (yang ni kena pakai unbutton atas sebab-sebab you-know-why-lah-kan), Miss Sixty inspired mustard wool jacket, BCBGMaxazria asymmetrical twill jacket, Uniqlo quilted kaler hitam dan fuchsia. Eh, banyak yer? But I still need trench coat paras lutut dengan material "anti-gigil" dan boleh button! Survey punya survey, jom tengok, trench coat mana yang terkenan di hati. 

Big NO NO to boring black trench coat, bosan gila doh. Boring black trench coat maknanya dahlah kaler hitam, lepas tu design pun sangatlah typical. Frankly, bila tengok gambar-gambar winter vacation sesiapa je lah, mesti background bangunan kelabu asap, lepas tu baju hitam ala nak pegi funeral. Tak meriah langsung! I love colours. Colour blocking kadang-kadang might be OTT, tapi saya tetap suka. Suka hatilah kan? To me, COLOUR is the new BLACK.  


yang bawah ni terkecuali ;p

        G2000 Runway

Look at the "tongue" on the shoulders, pakai pulak dengan long cut gloves. Kalau pair dengan leopard prints legging mesti best! I just loving it :) Minus peha besarku yang bakal "memburukkan" penampilan. This wool coat jumpa kat G2000 One Utama, priced at RM599. Good news, Mr Farief bought for me :)


Blair Cornelia Wardolf - Gossip Girl

Tengoklah pompuan cantik ni! Me green with envy. She's wearing my fave colour! and wait! the polka dots scarf, saya ada yang tu! This look, boleh tiru. Oops, bukan tiru, jadikan inspirasi. Bertuahnya bila saya terjumpa trench coat dengan rona forestgreen yang hampir serupa dengan apa yang dilihat dalam gambaq di atas. Hu hu, found it at Promod One Utama, ada SALE RM279 jer! Lagi terbaek bila adik saya Melda hadiahkan trench coat ni untuk saya. Apa lagi, lompat sampai siling butik Promod. Adush!

Jap iklan jap, cantiknya trench coat hijau double breasted Miss Sixty niiiiii....

Okay next!

Fuiyo! Animal prints ni is so me. Jumpa kat Mango Outlet kat mana tau tak? East Coast Mall Kuantan, ya tak silap baca, kat Kuantan, Pahang sana tu! Gila RM199 jer, geram nak beli. Very the Miranda Priestly dalam Devil Wears Prada, tinggal nak kena simbah cat merah jer. Eh, apsal plak. Ini faux fur jer kot. Takde seekor binatang pun yang terlibat. Saya pun sayang haiwan jugak :) Kalau bawak coat ni ke Paris mesti best sebab boleh lipat-lipat buat bantal ;p Tapi, mesti memberatkan luggage saya nanti. Ok, fine! Letak balik.

Next entry, stori mori gloves pulaklah!



Exercise and Depression: It's Complicated

Some ideas seem so nice, so inoffensive and so harmless, that it seems a shame to criticize them.

Take the idea that exercise is a useful treatment for depression. It's got something for everyone.

For doctors, it's attractive because it means they can recommend exercise - which is free, quick, and easy, at least for them - instead of spending the time and money on drugs or therapy. Governments like it for the same reason, and because it's another way of improving the nation's fitness. For people who don't much like psychiatry, exercise offers a lovely alternative to psych drugs - why take those nasty antidepressants if exercise will do just as well? And so on.

But this doesn't mean it's true. And a large observational study from Norway has just cast doubt on it: Physical activity and common mental disorders.

The authors took a large community sample of Norwegian people, the HUNT-2 study, which was done between 1995 and 1997. Over 90,000 people were invited to take part and full data were available from over 40,000.

What they found was that there was an association between taking part in physical exercise as a leisure activity, and lower self-reported symptoms of depression. It didn't matter whether the activity was intense or mild, and it didn't really matter how often you did it: so long as you did it, you got the benefit.

Crucially, however, the same was not true of physical exercise which was part of your job. That didn't help at all, and indeed the most strenuous jobs were associated with more depression (but less anxiety, strangely).

How does this fit with the very popular idea that exercise helps in depression? Well, many randomized trials have indeed
shown exercise to be better than not-exercize for depression
, but the problem is that these trials are never really placebo controlled. You can usually tell whether or not you're going jogging in the park every morning.

So the direct effects of exercise per se are hard to distinguish from the social and psychological meaning of "exercise". Knowing that you're starting a program of exercise could make you feel better: you're taking positive action to improve your life, you're not helpless in the face of your problems. By contrast, doing heavy work as part of your job, while physiologically beneficial, is unlikely to be so much fun.

This doesn't mean that telling people to get more exercise isn't a good idea, but if the meaning of exercise is more important than the physiology, that has some big implications for how it ought to be used.

It's good news for people who just can't take part in strenuous physical exercise because of physical illness or disability, something which is quite common in mental health. It suggests that these people could still get the benefits attributed to exercise even if they did less demanding forms of meaningful activity.

But it's bad news for doctors tempted to default to "get out and go jogging" whenever they see a potentially depressed person. Because if it's the meaning of exercise that counts, and you recommend exercise in a way which sounds like you're dismissing their problems, the meaning will be anything but helpful.

In clinical trials of exercise, the exercise program has, almost by definition, a positive value: it's the whole point of the trial. And the participants just wouldn't have volunteered for the trial if they didn't, on some level, think it would make them feel better.

But not everyone thinks that way. If you go to your doctor looking to get medication, or psychotherapy, or something like that, and you're told that all you need to do is go and get more exercise, it would be easy to see that as a brush-off, especially if it's done unsympathetically. The point is, if exercise doesn't feel like a positive step, it probably won't be one.

ResearchBlogging.orgHarvey SB, Hotopf M, Overland S, & Mykletun A (2010). Physical activity and common mental disorders. The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science, 197, 357-64 PMID: 21037212


My lovelies, our babysitter called in sick today, so Toby and I are hanging out but I wanted to say hello! Hope you have a lovely afternoon and see you tomorrow. xoxo

P.S. Five daydreamy posts for a rainy afternoon: Paris, canoeing, Iceland, the ocean, smooches.

(Photo by Aya Brackett)

Christmas to New Year daily DJ Beach Parties - Pattaya

Themed beach parties with nightly fireworks shows, dancers and laser shows.  


Mike Davis- House 
DJ Em -Bed Supper Club Bangkok, Bangkok City Beats
Dj Effy- House- Casino
Myles- House and Trance
Weekend hero- Progressive
Scotty (Vuuv)- Progressive and Psy Trance


DJ's to be announced

MONDAY 27 DEC - House Night

DJ Benz 
DJ Nun -Lucifer 
DJ Rocky- (D2 Deep Bar)
DJ Champ (Mixx)
DJ Top (unlimited)
DJ Double Sweet (Pioneer)
DJ Yakuza

TUESDAY 28 DEC - OM Trance Night / Progressive and PSY Trance

Ton and Friends
DJ's to be announced

WEDNESDAY 29 DEC - Progressive and Electro House DJ form Bangkok

DJ gift Okb

Moustache company 

SJ (France)- LUSH/ Moustache
Panda Superstar (Thailand)- Glow Bangkok
Mick Derbyshire (UK)- Club Experience Bangkok
DJ Squire (Canada)- Glow Bangkok
DJ Didi (Belgium) 


DJ Jack
DJ Tum
weekend hero
DJ Karn
more to be announced

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The Soul of Italian Food

I love Italian food. Anybody who has been to an Italian restaurant with me will attest to the rhythm of my orders – a glass of prosecco to begin; an antipasti of melon wrapped in Parma ham or some tuna carpaccio; a gnocchi, ravioli or penne pasta dish, and some digestivo to make it all go down smoothly. Italian cuisine is more than just sustenance to be chewed and swallowed; it is my memory of a

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fabric hair tie

Since Toby arrived on the scene, I've worn a ponytail almost every day. So, in an effort to jazz things up, I was happy to come across this idea of using a piece of fabric instead of a hair tie. Simple and pretty, don't you think?

Giant clothes pin

What a rad installation in Belgium!

(Via The Debonaire, via Milk)

More Info on Ferry Boat from Hua Hin to Pattaya by Richard Barrow

The high speed Catamaran was put into service only this month and will initially operate three times a week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The trip takes about three hours and fifteen minutes. It departs from Ocean Marina in Pattaya at 8.30 a.m. and the return trip from Paknam Pran in Hua Hin is at 1.30 p.m. At each end there is mini bus transfer service. The one way ticket is 1,600 baht and a return ticket is 2,950 baht. During December 2010 this price is dicounted to 1,200 baht and 2,400 baht. For more information, please visit their website.


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Mark Cavendish "We Are The Destroyers"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2010 - RT/WW

Interviewing Kate Moir and Glenn Singer

What an exciting and interesting weekend! I was invited to the inaugural Sentosa Buskers Festival on 27th November. Together with reporters from The New Paper, we interviewed several performers and were given a tour of their dressing room before the first performance kicks off.

Set amidst Sentosa's charming outdoor setting, a professional cast of 10 international buskers are performing in the evenings between 4 pm and 10 pm from 27th November to 5th December 2010.

Victor Rubilar - The Football Juggler

Victor Rubilar  (Argentina) is a 4 times Guinness World Record holder. He not only juggles footballs, but spins them on his finger and tosses them from one side of his face to the other! Watching his masterful manipulation of the footballs makes my jaws drop! A pity I miss his bikini routine, I heard it is 'a surprising and unexpected act'. hmmm..... I want to go back with my boys to see his amazing performance.

Victor says to tell everyone that 'he's 26, single and very available and would like to meet Singaporean girls for a meaningful relationship.' :D 

 Magic Brian - The Magician

Watching Magic Brian (USA) perform is dangerous. He had me in stitches with his hilarious acts. He is such an energetic guy, flying all over the place, interacting and teasing his audience, putting huge smiles on their faces. 

His comedy straitjacket escape show is a such a hit with the audience. Watch how he attempts to free himself within 140 seconds. 

 Glenn Singer - The Horse Guy

Glenn Singer (USA) has performed in almost every continent except Antarctica and China. He delights the audience with his 'zebra acts'. He is a humorous guy on and off the stage. He connects well with the audience and his act appeals to all ages.

His precious zebra companion always travels by his side on all his flights, not as check-in luggage. Warning : Do not touch his companion. :P

 Rani Huszar - The Comical Absurdist

Rani Huszar (Australia) is gorgeous. To see such a ravishing beauty folds herself and fits into the tiny transparent box, my heart (and probably those of the guys) aches. She is a wonder to watch. Be mesmerized and also tickled by her performance.

Jeff Bradley - The Variety Comedian

Jeff (Canada) is such a hilarious and fun guy. Be intrigued and shocked by his quirky stunts. The ladies seated on the right and left of me couldn't stop laughing. Don't sit too close to the stage, watch out for the flying knife and hatchet. :P

Duke Dreamer - The Dare-Devil Extraordinaire

Duke Dreamer (Australia) is a tall guy who re-invents himself as Mini-Me on a Cloud. Engaging the audience in his acts, he intrigues and captivates them, drawing lots of laughter and applause.

 Kate Moir - The Living Statute

Kate Moir (Canada) is a young, pretty lady with many talents. She sews all her elaborate costumes herself. Besides statuing all over the world, she owns a small business back home. It's not her first trip to sunny Singapore, she was here for the Singapore Kite Festival in September. 

The buskers mesmerized and enraptured the audience with their performance. 

The oppressive heat did not deter the audience from enjoying this Buskerfest. The performers were entertaining, professional and interacted well with the audience.

The reporters, two TV crew and I ran back and forth among the 4 venues to watch the entertaining performances. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, laughing hard at the antics of the performers and casting all my worries to the wind. I have not had such great fun for some time and this fascinating festival is free for all.   

Catch these world class performances at the Merlion Plaza, Imbiah Garden, and the areas outside Images of Singapore and Songs of the Sea on Sentosa island.

In addition to volunteering to perform with the buskers, visitors can also participate in the festival and win attractive prizes.

Spin and Win - Collect 5 or more stamps on the Sentosa Buskers Festival brochure to redeem prizes.

Me & My Favourite Busker - Take a picture with your favourite busker and submit the entry online at http://buskers.sentosa.com.sg. Stand to win a cash prize of S$1000!

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2010
27 Nov - 5 Dec, 4pm to 10 pm
Free Event

Singapore's Best Parks

If you thought Singapore was just about shopping and eating, think again – the island's wooded retreats hold more than just bougainvillea. Time Out walks through the green green grass of homeBEST FOR NATURE LOVERSFor the cream of the crop, look no further than the Botanic Gardens.The sprawling 63-hectare plot, with its unbeatably vast range of foliage and educational signs, will satisfy every

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Adele - Rolling In The Deep - In Studio from DUKOFF on Vimeo.

Too cute to be eaten

Pistachio, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Macarons from Canele / Multi-colored and multi-flavored xiao long bao from Paradise Dynasty

Saturday, November 27, 2010

5 Alcohol-Free Things To Do in Singapore

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial NehruI was recently pretending to sympathize with a friend nursing a severe hangover, when our conversation went something like this:M: ...you are a proper pisshead! All you do is get drunk every night!A: Don't make me feel


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

zimbabwe tennis players

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The Town That Went Mad

Pont St. Esprit is a small town in southern France. In 1951 it became famous as the site of one of the most mysterious medical outbreaks of modern times.

As Dr's Gabbai, Lisbonne and Pourquier wrote to the British Medical Journal, 15 days after the "incident":
The first symptoms appeared after a latent period of 6 to 48 hours. In this first phase, the symptoms were generalized, and consisted in a depressive state with anguish and slight agitation.

After some hours the symptoms became more clearly defined, and most of the patients presented with digestive disturbances... Disturbances of the autonomic nervous system accompanied the digestive disorders-gusts of warmth, followed by the impression of "cold waves", with intense sweating crises. We also noted frequent excessive salivation.

The patients were pale and often showed a regular bradycardia (40 to 50 beats a minute), with weakness of the pulse. The heart sounds were rather muffled; the extremities were cold... Thereafter a constant symptom appeared - insomnia lasting several days... A state of giddiness persisted, accompanied by abundant sweating and a disagreeable odour. The special odour struck the patient and his attendants.
In most patients, these symptoms, including the total insomnia, persisted for several days. In some of the patients, these symptoms progressed to full-blown psychosis:
Logorrhoea [speaking a lot], psychomotor agitation, and absolute insomnia always presaged the appearance of mental disorders. Towards evening visual hallucinations appeared, recalling those of alcoholism. The particular themes were visions of animals and of flames. All these visions were fleeting and variable.

In many of the patients they were followed by dreamy delirium. The delirium seemed to be systematized, with animal hallucinations and self-accusation, and it was sometimes mystical or macabre. In some cases terrifying visions were followed by fugues, and two patients even threw themselves out of windows... Every attempt at restraint increased the agitation.

In severe cases muscular spasms appeared, recalling those of tetanus, but seeming to be less sustained and less painful... The duration of these periods of delirium was very varied. They lasted several hours in some patients, in others they still persist.
In total, about 150 people suffered some symptoms. About 25 severe cases developed the "delirium". 4 people died "in muscular spasm and in a state of cardiovascular collapse"; three of these were old and in poor health, but one was a healthy 25-year-old man.

At first, the cause was assumed to be ergotism - poisoning caused by chemicals produced by a fungus which can infect grain crops. Contaminated bread was, therefore, thought to be responsible. Ergotism produces symptoms similar to those reported at Pont St. Esprit, including hallucinations, because some of the toxins are chemically related to LSD.

However, there have been other theories. Some (including Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD) attribute the poisoning to pesticides containing mercury, or to the flour bleaching agent nitrogen trichloride.

More recently, journalist Hank Albarelli claimed that it was in fact a CIA experiment to test out the effects of LSD as a chemical weapon, though this is disputed. What really happened is, in other words, still a mystery.

Link: The Crazies (2010) is a movie about a remarkably similar outbreak of mass insanity in a small town.

ResearchBlogging.orgGABBAI, LISBONNE, & POURQUIER (1951). Ergot poisoning at Pont St. Esprit. British medical journal, 2 (4732), 650-1 PMID: 14869677

New York City Bike Wars

World´s finest Tea & Coffee

Sri Lanka

The Perfect Brew from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.


Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from judahjatta on Vimeo.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Plus que le tour Eiffel

'Ulysse', une chanson fantastique par Ridan / les meilleurs macarons de Laduree / d'Un Jour a Paris / j'adore les photos de Garance Dore /puis-j'etre Marion Cotillard?

Have a cozy weekend.

My lovelies, what are you up to this weekend? Alex had to work today (drag!), but tonight we're having a few friends over, and tomorrow we're going sweater shopping. Most of all, I'm really excited for this coming week, when I'll be kicking off my holiday gift guide! Have a good weekend, my sweets, and enjoy the leftovers. xoxoxo

Sweet and simple birth announcement.

What a pretty idea to dress up chairs.

I forgot how good Nerd Boyfriend is. (Thanks for the reminder, Mary)

I'm loving the new Beatles ads.

10 perfect party dresses...

...and what to wear underneath.

This dessert table takes the cake.

Thumbs up for polar bear wallpaper.

Thanks for the amazing cookies, Amanda! We ate them in record time.

And, lastly, one of my sponsors, Merrymakers, is offering a 20% discount with the code CUPOFJO. They make funny dolls, including an awesome Abe Lincoln. And don't forget to order your holiday cards!

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo by Rose & Crown)

$50 a Day: Los Angeles, California

Name: AC RaynerOccupation: UGFC (Ultimate Girl Fighting Champion)City: Los Angeles, CaliforniaWhen he's not in the gym training for his next bout with any girl rude enough not to give him her number, AC spends his time drowning kittens, eating babies, and doing jumping jacks on gravestones.Welcome to Los Angeles. There are more plastic surgery clinics here than Starbucks, and it’s true the smog

Friday giveaway!

Today's giveaway is from Simone Perele, a gorgeous lingerie company founded sixty years ago in Paris. They're offering one lucky winner a $200 gift certificate to splurge on pretty lacy things. They have great basics (such as strapless bras to wear under party dresses), as well as more romantic pieces to wear all on their own. (I have the Nina bra and love it.)

For a chance to win, please visit Simone Perele (and consider signing up or their newsletter), and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday. Good luck!

Update: Kay B. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing. xo