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Thursday, December 30, 2010

... Long time I didn't write

Image source: Valerie Fujita

Dear readers, to the oldest and the newest, it’s been a while I didn’t publish and I want to apologize, but I’m working hard on Tokyo Factory book and the pictures associated to it. At this time, we are still looking for an editor, but the first volume is almost finished and the second is already on its way (and more than well begun). My partner (and friend) in France, Alexandre Martinazzo, is meeting with a publisher next week to introduce our long investigation and our goal through this book, and I hope we will soon find a deal.

According to the whole writing (interviews, and texts by Alexandre Martinazzo) and original pictures (by me) and the images and illustrations database, each volume will probably end up with about 250 or 300 pages. And they would have ended with much more if we didn’t cut the interviews as some have been reduced to the half… But how possibly keep everything for a meeting that lasted for 3 or 4 hours when we had the chance that the people who we invited to this project answered so friendly that we had a cup of tea, and then a piece of cake and sometimes even had a so good interconnection that we had dinner together? So we had to keep the essential from our meetings and try to keep the writing of the interviews quite fair, so no one seems much more important than the other, because, we keep on thinking that everyone we met with Alexandre, was very interesting, that they all brought something to the project and that we spent a delightful moment with each of them, in their variety of characters.

If this project is taking us also a lot of time, beside the fact that the interviews are quite long, it’s because it touches our hearts and strong believes about the Tokyo (and Japan) we love and more generally about the world we live in, that our believes and convictions grew deeper, and that these people we crossed the path touched our heart very deeply.

I have to end on the subject of Tokyo Factory by saying that when we began the adventure, and although we were probably aware of more things than some people recently interested in Tokyo and Japan usually are - as we worked on some subjects since 2005-2006 through Alexandre Martinazzo’s web magazine Orient-Extreme - our pride made us thought that we would have more to teach than to learn... BUT, obviously, we learnt much more than what we expected and this learning we've been tought helped us growing up in our vision of Tokyo. Through our will to teach a bit more of the Tokyo we love and know, and about the questions we had and we were worrying and still worrying about, we've, ourselves, received education about this town and some of its people. Indeed, this investigation is the best lesson of modesty we could receive.

Regarding this blog, I will start again writing posts, but only once or twice a week, and much shorter texts than what I used to write. Because writing and investigating takes too much time, that life is short and I still have a lot of pictures to take and a lot of pretty other faces to meet. But at least, I can share some of the things I know or discover with you because I had great pleasure to talk with some of the girls reading me, and even encounter some. Therefore my writing will take a less insider point of view, more describing or purely informative, but I still want to share the things I love from this town and country.

Have all a Happy New Year!

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