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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wave House Sentosa - WW

The FlowBarrel®

Welcome to flowboarding!

Wave House Sentosa opened in October 2009. I have not heard of them until I received their invitation to their 1st anniversary party and The International FLOW Championships which was held in October 2010. I couldn't attend because I had another function that weekend. They hosted some of the best flowboarding riders in the world. What a pity I was absent!

When I was invited to lunch at Wave House Restaurant in mid December, I was immediately attracted to the fun water sports before me.
So cool riding through the wave!

I was completely awed by The Flow Barrel®. 100,000 gallons of water per minute flowing as fast as 30 mph (48 kmph) curl over a surface that looks like a section of a skateboard park. The result is a perfect, endlessly tubing six-foot wave that has similar power and challenge to many of the waves breaking. It can give surfers up to 10-foot wave. Wow.

Watching the guests having fun on the The Flow Barrel® makes me want to take up the sports. It might take a while for me to flowboard standing up, (hopefully not to fracture some old bones along the way) but I can do this. kekeke.....

The Double FlowRider®

Kids can play too! They will love riding the Double FlowRider® on bodyboards, or play in the splash pool. To learn the skills they'll need on the FlowBarrel, the more daring kids can try flowboarding standing up here. Unlike the sea, this sports can be controlled and tailored to the ages and skills of the guests.  

The Double FlowRider creates a safe, non-curling, endless wave that is endlessly fun to ride. 30,000 gallons of water per minute flow as fast as 20 mph (32 kmph) over a plastic surface, like a wrestling mat, to generate a thin, fast-moving sheet of water. Riders can slide down and ride up the wave surface, and carve turns, emulating the maneuvers of other board sports.

The Wave House is not only about surfing, it also offers good food and drinks. I think it is also one of the coolest places to party. Visitors can head to the place to surf, chill out, dance and listen to DJs and Live Acts, while meeting like-minded people at the beach bars. psst... lots of pretty bikini babes and cool looking hunks.

Sentosa Island is one of the more popular tourists' spots in Singapore, but it lacks the waves which surfers longed for. With this fun house, visitors will find waves that can rival those along the reefs of Indonesia. Check it out, it is definitely a place worth heading to.

Wave House Sentosa
36 Siloso Beach Walk
Singapore 099007
Tel : 65-6377 3113
Tram: Imbiah
Open Mon-Thu,Sun 10am-12am; Fri-Sat 10am-3am

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