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Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Goes Around, Comes Around - PH

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Life is full of circles.

I share the following email from a mentor with my readers. A timely reminder to us to do something positive with our life.

A person's actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person.

Life is full of circles. Everything has a beginning and an end. Poisitve and negative, all have a start and a finish.

Based on the types of experiences we had, I believe the sizes of the circles that make up our lives are different. The saying " what goes around comes around", makes up all these circles.

I prefer the sweet circles!

A lie has a start but eventually it comes to a truth.

Deceit has a start but eventually it comes to a truth.

Life has a start but eventually it comes to an end.

Goodwill has a start and many circles create its end by using what you have to help others. In turn, you create more circles in your life and circles in anothers life.

Think about things that have happened in your life. What things did you start and what did you finish, because those things positive and negative make up your circles.

It is true that sometimes lies and deceit and other things feel like they go on forever. It may take a long time but eventually they do have a conclusion.

Every circle has a purpose and every purpose tells the story of our life. Because in everything there is one huge fact and truth.

Have A Merry Green Christmas!!

Do you know that the total amount of waste collected on Sentosa Island alone comes up to a whopping 1,327 tonnes a year?  This is equivalent to the weight of 265,400 adult peacocks. Wow!

The above unique 4-metre tall Christmas Tree is made from over 1,000 recycled bottles.

What to do besides eating during this festive season :

Now till 2 Jan 2011
Venue: Merlion Plaza

And don't forget!

Siloso Beach Party
Welcome the new year with Asia’s Largest and Grooviest Beach Countdown Party!
31 Dec 2010
6pm - 6am
Siloso Beach

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