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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chinese Herbal Medicines, Mostly Black - PH

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Lingzi Mushroom

A Chinese friend sent me these huge, dried mushrooms called Lingzi when she heard about my brush with breast cancer. The Chinese has used it as a herbal medicine for thousands of years and is known as the “Mushroom of Immortality”.


Lingzhi mushrooms are particularly beneficial for individuals with asthma, cough and other respiratory complaints.


I boil the Lingzi and drink it once a week. I don't eat the mushroom as it is too hard. The drink is tasteless. There are Lingzhi supplements in the market if one finds boiling Lingzi too troublesome.

Chinese herbal medicine in convenient packs all the way from China

Most Chinese herbal concoctions are black and some are quite bitter. I dislike the bitter taste but if it is beneficial for  health, I will force myself to drink it.
*hold my nose and gulp it down*

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