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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Thailand Immigration Rules for Submitting 90-Day Report by Mail OR In Person

Foreigners must provide proof of residence IF YOU APPLY IN PERSON OR BY MAIL. The same rules apply whether mailed of submitted in person, so this is important for all foreigners on one-year visas.

If you stay at a guest house, hotel or apartment you only need to provide a business card of the name of the guest house, hotel or apartment

If you stay in a house, townhouse or condominium you can provide any ONE of the following as evidence of your address:

·         Letter from owner of the house stating you live there

·         A copy of the house book of wife if living in house with wife’s name in it.

·         A copy of the house book of your Thai relative living with you. The house, condo, shop house or townhouse can be owned by someone else or a Thai company. The only requirement is the name of your Thai wife; husband or dependent child is in the book.

·         Any bill or bank statement that shows you receive mail at the address. Examples are electric bill, cable TV bill, telephone bill, internet service provider bill, or receipt from landlord.

·         Also, savings account or investment account statements can also be used to verify address.

·         A copy of the lease for your residence with your name listed as a tenant.


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