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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google denies plans for facial recognition application

Captioned article via Darren Nathan

Picasa already has facial recognition technology built in and a store of photos of many of us from every perceivable angle. How difficult would it be for them to apply this technology to a Smartphone app? 

Have you ever wondered why Google has a free offline/online photo album app in the first place. It's hardly inline with their core business strategy unless their core business strategy is finding out everything there is to know about YOU.


If they wanted, Google could use apps they already have to log today what you read, what you write, what you say and who you do it with, (write and say that is). They could record where you go or where you are right now to within a couple of feet. What is there to worry about? 

Just so you know how crazy I really am, in the not too distant, a girl will be able scan a bar full of men with her Smartphone and an app will tell her which guy drives a supercar, has a bank balance in excess of a mill and his condom size. Guys will be able to scan a room full of women and an app will tell them which girls have a bra size minimum of 38C and lots of male contacts. Oh, and hasn't bought penicillin recently!!! Of course police could use the same technology to see who in the rooms got a police record, or is a friend of Public Enemy No 1. 

New technology in the right hands is a good thing, so long as those hands are mine!!!!!

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