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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thailand: Tourism and the Truth – Stacey Dooley Investigates (BBC3)

The Luton shop assistant turned investigator of human rights abuse is getting beneath the gloss of the glossy holiday brochure on the holiday island of Phuket. What she finds really isn't nice – brutal working conditions, Mickey Mouse wages, rats. And locals being forced away from the homes they've always lived in by the inexorable spread of tourism.


The brilliant thing about Stacey is she doesn't stop at the expose; she then sets about making it right. So she sets up a meeting with the hotel management to try to improve workers' conditions, and with the prime minister of Thailand, to save some sea gypsies. OK, so the PM doesn't show up, but his deputy does, and promises to save the sea gypsies. Stacy has got to see Thailand's Nick Clegg, and got a promise out of him. Let's hope he's better at sticking to them than his British counterpart.

The lovely thing about Stacey is that she's so incredibly nice to everyone and polite. She's my new journalism idol; John Pilger, you are so over.

via The Guardian

Ed - Looks like more bad news for the Thai tourist industry.

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