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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make Money Online and Get Out of Debt Fast

Make Money Online and Get Out of Debt Fast

The TRUTH about Making Money Online to get out of debt. I want to share my experience with trying to make extra money online. I made the same mistakes so many people do today. I got caught up in Credit Card debt.
Does this sound familiar? It doesn't matter if it was due to shopping for luxury items, like clothing, vacations or reasons beyond your control such as Medical Bills. When you find yourself paying out your entire pay check to credit cards, you are in trouble.

Say you are getting close to retirement age and have blown through your 401K twice. Can you picture the feelings of waking up every day and going to work just to pay minimum payments on credit card bills and wondering; "where am I going to be ten years from now?
I better change some things or I will be eating dog food and working until I am 80." Have you had these same thoughts? That's when I decided there is only one solution to this problem, or maybe two.
1. Cut up the credit cards and get on a budget.
2. Make more money
Good plan right? Not as easy as it sounds. How do you make more money without working getting 2 or 3 jobs and killing yourself. That is not a solution for me.
So I decided I will do like so many other people do and make money online. I started this journey about 2 years ago. It has been agonizing, there is a whole language in itself to online money making, keywords, Ad campaigns, search engine optimization, landing pages. Not to mention all the websites you are recommended to visit for research Quantcast, Alexa.
I have spent about 20,000 buying every program out there. I put 13,000 on credit cards for private coaching sessions they promised the moon and I didn't make a dime or learn anything.
When you start looking for ways to make money online, you will soon find you inbox full of spam. There are millions of people out there that want to tell you how to make money online for a fee.
Who do you believe, they all make it sound like there's is the best solution. Fortunately, with most programs you do get a 60 day money back guarantee. But be careful, not all do. Do not buy any program that does not offer this. If it is a reputable company they will offer this.
So you can read the material and see if it is something you can do. If not send it back and get your money back. If you stick with well know sites such as Click Bank, you will have no problem getting your money back. Usually in 2-3 days.
So, what have you got to loose, try some at the very least you will learn more about online marketing for free if you find it doesn't work for you send it back and get a refund. But if you stick with it you will find success, pay off that debt and replace the 401K much faster than you ever dreamed possible.

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