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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Natalie for Grazia.it

Miss Natalie Hughes for Grazia.it.
Probably if you have been following my blog for a little while now, you would have guessed that Natalie would be one of the girls I wanted to photograph for Grazia.it. Natalie is the Fashion and Social Media Writer for Net-a-Porter.com, and also the editor of the lovely blog Canned Fashion . You can find the interview with Natalie in Grazia here (find out what her job at Net-a-Porter entails, her style influences and her idea of a perfect Saturday).
What I love about Natalie (apart from her amazing hair!), is that she loves wearing colour. Even in the depths of winter in London or Paris, I have photos of Natalie from the fashion weeks wearing little flashes of colour: a pair of hot pink trousers with a camel coat, an orange Hermes twilly tied around the waist of her jeans or in her pony tail, a kelly green coat teamed with paper-bag-waisted cargo pants, a purple and pink fitted cardigan with a paisley skirt. When we were in Paris in March, Natalie mentioned she was coveting a pair of the Isabel Marant coloured jeans. And it is no surprise that her most recent purchase was the Jil Sander bright orange PVC market bag!
So for our little feature, I was happy that Natalie pulled out some pretty, spring pieces for us to shoot. Her shirt is Equipment from Net-a Porter, the floral skirt is vintage and her Christian Louboutin shoes are from Net-a-Porter. Her reversible leather tote (note the green on one side and brown on the other) is from Net a Porter.
Her pants (below) are Etoile Isabel Marant from Net-a-Porter and her pretty, palest lilac knitted top is Proenza Schouler from Net-a-Porter.
Love Natalie's Hermes cuff, and gold Michael Kors watch from Net-a-Porter. Oh and her gorgeous phone which says Chic on the front! So cute.
Even Natalie's London flat has little pops of colour everywhere: Hermes boxes stacked on a window sill, vintage Vogue covers line the hallway wall, boxes of sparkly jewellery are nestled next to perfume bottles in her bedroom, heavy gold frames house photos of her family in the living room and fun invitations from fashion weeks are propped against books (note the Mulberry invitation in the collage below leaning against the clock). Natalie's pink trousers are vintage Versace, her white t-shirt is Splendid from Net-a-Porter, her black patent heels are Jimmy Choo from Net-a-Porter and her bag is the Jil Sander market shopper from Net-a-Porter (I love the green and white Jil Sander shopper especially with the pink shoulder strap).
Natalie is also a talented illustrator and straight way I recognised the girl in the illustration by Natalie in the bottom left of the collage....it is Bip Ling!
Natalie's dress is vintage (she customised it by chopping off the hem!)....so perfect for a Sunday morning spent lazing around her apartment. Or entertaining a photographer who has come to peek around her apartment ;)
Natalie made the hot pink pom-pom necklace in these photos herself! Her skirt is vintage (I know Natalie loves shopping for vintage in NYC when she goes for fashion week), and her white printed t-shirt is Proenza Schouler from Net-a-Porter.
Her hot pink bag is Miu Miu from Net-a-Porter and her shoes are Alexander Wang Freja platform boots from Net-a-Porter.

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