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Friday, May 27, 2011

The new verizon iPad With MiFi

The new verizon iPad With MiFi

Verizon Wireless will be officially received its first shipment of Apple iPad device on 28 October and the units will be an optional Mi-Fi system, an option that allows users to have 3G data connection to a Wi-Fi-re-broadcasting to four additional devices.The announcement by both Verizon and Apple this morning has the option MiFi be purchased for an additional $ 130 with a 1GB data plan of $ 20 per month. The shift from my Apple shows their push-to-Apple devices to a larger audience in the U.S. by the removal of AT&T Wireless’ stranglehold on the market, while the option MiFi hopefully even faster connection speeds of the network 4G capacity data in the first half of 2011 published.With Verizon also announced a host of new location and the development of the API options for their network and information security for the iPhone to a Verizon, they can in the battle with Apple AT& T Wireless, which has had more connection problems with Apple enforce IPAD and vessels.In response to Verizon’s plans, the unit, AT&T Wireless plans to roll out also to the device has already announced to sell its stores.

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