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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UM-740 monitor by Mimo

UM-740 monitor by Mimo

It’s not a monitor for everyone. It is certainly not for hardcore gamers. If you use Microsoft Word more often or Photoshop users, but you will find that UM-740 7-inch LCD is useful. It works basically as an attachment to your main screen and gives a little more room for tool boxes, chat clients, or even a media player like iTunes. It is for each application, all the time, but you do not want to have between him and a select other than the main app. So like, if you convert in iTunes and play the same time as when you write a document or photo setting in another program, this is the monitor for you. The strongest selling point for the UM-740 is that it is compact, lightweight and very portable. You must pay for it, but given that it costs about the same as a 20-inch LCD monitors. But again, you can not one-size-LCD can be in the neighborhood.The MIMO UM-740 comes in a package that the monitor, a USB 2.0 cable, software CD and a well-illustrated instructions in full color. The software and drivers that came with the device that it supports only the UM 430, UM 710, UM and UM-730 are bis 750th After a quick call to the vendor, we found that the software is compatible with UM-750 UM-740 also. Other than the confusing ordeal, the installation was a breeze. The monitor to a PC via USB cable provides both power and connectivity and comes with an extra USB plug for use in an additional USB port if the first does not have enough juice. Fortunately we never had the second connector. The USB port on the monitor itself is a rather obscure place, making it more difficult than we want to plug in. The UM-740 is flexibility in the setting position. You can tilt, rotate, and also the height and quickly disconnect the display of the folding stand, if you want to stay in your laptop bag.

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