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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bodybuilding, Fitness and Wellness champion of Turkey TRT reporter Isil Okan Aktan, 9 years for a divorce on the grounds where his wife, Abraham leads Okan'dan violence

Vatan newspaper Çengil'e Zehra, who said her husband opened a divorce because sees violence Isil Okan TRT reporter, will open today on a divorce case, said: "My wife is the champion of Turkey, even the day of my success was not common. Hiss was telling me to your friends. Women will never exceed the front man. To add muscle, not to exceed, as a spirit, as the money. When the characters are unable to satisfy the ego of such events makes time. Sometimes my wife used to throw me a slap, also did 1-2 years ago. One week I could not do sports. Cause of quarrel was this: My wife would not let the money home for a while, accompanied by not bringing his duties. I prepared special menus for myself, my wife started eating athletes. Last Saturday my money is limited, but my budget to the limits of their I told myself. 'I am giving the house rent. If I want to thank you by saying s.ktir attacked. My hair pulled, I fell down. Sat on me. My neck started to hit directly. Punched 20 times. I stood up. Asked me to correspond. Women carry the spirit. The same man, I put the pillow hand kaldıramazdım head. 'I have the muscles kullansana seeing them, "he said. Was silent until now because of my child. "

The case opens today

Isil said, and the door key has changed about the house giremediğini Aktan, "Morluklarım thankfully passed. Turkey has to choose the world Championship on Sept. 23-25. He'll kupamı in competition. My wife is my biggest engelimdi. Divorce and criminal cases (due to assault) vekaletini I gave my lawyer. Today prosecuted. There are also a coroner's report. Pulses received from the neck. Continuously tracks kick boxla know. I had to punch my head, my hair yolundu. When I called the police came to me with a knife. Çağırmamamı police asked for my face swollen. My neck has damaged my shoulder, cheek kemiğimde crushes, I have my nose edema. "

Obama votes 'present' (or worse) on Israel's security

Every time a talking head from the Obama administration gets up to talk about Israel, the first thing they tell us is how 'security cooperation' is better than ever under Obama. While that may be true if one defines 'security cooperation' as the dollar value of weapons sold to Israel, it's an out and out lie when one looks at the bigger picture. Is President Barack Obama committed to Israel’s

Working in the International Space Station astronaut Ron Garan, Saturday's twitter page, taken from space shared with a picture of Turkey.

Photograph covering an area stretching from the Black Sea waters of the Nile, as well as Turkey, Greece, is seen. Garan photo "vahamızın our unique view of the Black Sea from the Nile," published note. Experienced asronot, the same day the followers shared the pictures of Spain and Madagascar. Garan, using twitter account @ Astro_Ron name.

More new photos of Sheroma Hodge, Miss British Virgin Islands 2011

Road to Miss Universe 2011

More photos of Sheroma Hodge, Miss British Virgin Islands 2011. Sheroma Hodge was born in 1985. She was crowned Miss British Virgin Islands 2011 and will be the official representative of the British overseas territory to the 2011 Miss Universe pageant. Hodge attended British Virgin Islands High School from 1997 to 2002 and graduated from H. Lavity Stoutt Community College in 2004 with an associate’s degree in natural sciences, where she collaborated in public relations and designing the college’s website.

Hodge is presently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in media and communication, with a specialization in multimedia, at the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica, where she’s won the multimedia student award for her graduating class.

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Milica Tepavac was crowned Miss Srbije 2011 on July 6, 2011 - More new photos of Milica Tepavac, Miss Srbije 2011

Road to Miss World 2011

Milica Tepavac was crowned Miss Srbije 2011 on July 6, 2011 at the Sava Center in Belgrade. 23 year old Milica represent Serbia in Miss World 2011.

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Unbelievable ways thieves in the streets of Istanbul 'nights' work. Here's an interesting methods of theft and the police struggle ...

Police, working hard to catch thieves, but thieves also are struggling to avoid being caught up to them at least. Sometimes in costume, sometimes changing the region when they are exposed. Even taking pictures of police officer, 'identification' do not. Indeed, the thieves of a neighborhood market, this is precisely the work that is on the police officer was caught taking photographs.
Istanbul police in the 'thief a step ahead' is developing its own methods to break down the stereotype. 'Car team' application is one of them. Understood as consisting of luxury cars and the police car on street by street teams traveling and home intruders açtırmıyor eye. In this way, declining interest rates home theft case that occurred. The first 6 months of the year by 15 percent over last year, auto theft, theft otodan 20 percent, 35 percent have decreased yankesicilikte.
Burglar methodsConstantly engaged in theft criminals caught in the region begins to change in a region. For example, a thief caught in Kadikoy goes Ümraniye. But one of the most interesting methods, thieves, confidence in their region to photograph teams. Each other by distributing these photos the police 'know', so caught trying to stop. More skilful change of costume is the female thieves. Market to the thieves to the police record sheet the büründükleri Fatih Wednesday, Akmerkez shopping centers such as the thieves by wearing clothes and make-up by the ultra-modern was trying to hide.
Istanbul police that separates into three regions: the cases of theft appears in these regions in a single center to collect. Thus, using the technological possibilities of the police officers who act in a coordinated manner by following the continuous images of the central region changes more easily catch the thieves. Trolley-house teams to prevent theft of confidence in the team began using teams. Often, luxury cars equipped with the 41 to awaken the impression that the police team, Kadikoy, up to 1 day with 20 home theft case dropped.
* The first measures against the thief is not a separate card jammed in front of the ATM customers. Special device that places the calls to phones within the bank robbers also leads to them. This is why customer service must be sought not only mobile phones.* If you find yourself in the middle of a fight 'tantanacılık' method to protect your valuables on you.* Do not display money in your pocket you do not recognize anyone, do not remove your money in crowded places. Tırnakçılık counting method should be carefully especially against the top of the store in the Cashier.* On the road or street while walking on the side of the street close as possible to avoid. Reverse the direction of the bag, move the flow of traffic.
Unusual methods of theft: Dızdızcılık, pislikçilik, zarfçılık ATM thieves for stealing many of the commonly used method is the method kullanıyor.En placed ATMs that provide special aparatla card jam. ATM thieves apparatus placed in the money around trying to find the ones following the passwords. Jam the card into an ATM with the ATM in front of the customer left the thief takes the card and the account empties. In another method, the bank placed in a conspicuous phones with mobile phone calls by routing them to obtain customer information.
Pislikçilik: Burglar on the spits and wipes removing chewing on the victim attempting to delete leblebiyi. In the meantime, take a wallet in his pocket.Muslukçuluk: ablution while the thief's jacket in this method, beyond the person approached, pretending to take stool and hangs his jacket on the back when mağdurunkinin jacket takes both.Söğüşçülük: playback method, especially purses of the pockets of sleeping persons accompanying the patient.Zarfçılık: Thief of this method, the ground, throws in a handkerchief and handkerchief in a fake gold waits to find the victim. The victim approached the thief and the handkerchief will now 'but they had found', tell us that common. Burglar hasty act on this issue, says that the emergency work. Altınlara Mendildeki an appraisal. £ '300 For example, will they give me 150 I'll be going 'he says. Disappearance with the money.Dızdızcılık: Razor bags and clothing had been stolen valuables pockets by cutting method.Tantanacılık: Bank of the victim around the bank will follow a group of 4-5 persons. Then they fight. Victims fight card is one of allocating the band. Victims' groups do not separate the thieves' fight 'is around the victim.Tırnakçılık: Iranians held in particular have many applications in this method. Thief entered the store to make a deal and not exceeding 10 pounds will pay big banknotla. While counting the money a couple of swift movement on the bill with money players. Then, saying the extra money that is missing from the cashier. Other way 'Turks do not know the money "under the pretext of looking at the victim's money money' tırnaklaması '.

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 김미선 Gimmiseon's Photos & Profile

No.: 13

Name: 김미선 Gimmiseon

Birth Day: September 19, 1990


Interest: Magic, singing

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 51.1kg

Measurement: 34-23-35

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

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Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 이정민 JM's Photos & Profile

No.: 14

Name: 이정민 JM

Birth Day: October 7, 1991


Interest: Movies, fashion magazines scrap, foreign language learning, playing the piano

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 55kg

Measurement: 33-25-37

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

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President Abdullah Gul, on Twitter fast during Ramadan and wished tutanlara convenience.

ANKARA-Rose, twitter account, the time passed very quickly, and more that a month of Ramadan, said: "Fasting to all facilities that wish," he wrote.

On the other hand, wanted to draw attention to the issue of hunger in Africa, representing Rose, said:

"Last Friday was overshadowed by political developments in Africa, hunger in my call for help. Tradition, culture and beliefs in terms of a separate feature on the occasion of this month should show more interest in humanitarian issues. By this means, especially in Africa, hunger and thirst, against people with a very difficult situation to be more sensitive to invite everyone. in this regard, which is very active in public or non-governmental organizations, more or less saying, I think that in the spirit of this month olunmasının support. "

Rose, also a teacher and other staff working in public institutions-contracted some of the many posts about the problems of citizens, stating that, "teacher assignments, in particular, Mr. Prime Minister, will forward all of these problems," he said. (Mm)

Spread the religion of Christianity and the world's established church, which is considered the 2nd cave church of Antioch Saint Pierre, Bianco Maria Zago-Solomon Star hosted a pair nikahına.

Spread the religion of Christianity and the world HATAY-​​established church in the 2nd cave, which is considered Antioch Saint Pierre Church, Bianco Maria Zago-Solomon Star hosted a pair nikahına.

Stars family of well-known families of Hatay, Solomon Star, 33, went for training in England, he met with the lives of 30 year-old Bianca Maria Zago has chosen to join the Church of Saint Pierre. After the official marriage ceremony held at the Church of Saint Pierre with special permission of the Catholic Church, bishop of Antioch Pertobli Dominico, kıydı religious marriage. After marriage the couple, the church accepted the congratulations of. The edges to allow the first civil marriage ceremony, known as the Republican period, particularly in the region was welcomed with joy by the Catholics.

Place of pilgrimage for Christians
A kilometers from the city center, the ancient Church of Saint Pierre at the foot of the mountain Silpius, is located in a natural cave. Spread of Christianity in this cave-era church, a place of pilgrimage for Christians in 1963 by Pope Paul was announced as the 4th. Great rite of the church is done every year on June 29. (DHA)

3rd in the world with a dangerous volcano Mount Etna, the 8th time this year went into operation. The volcanic lava and ash clouds reached up to 500 meters.

ROME - Sicily's east coast, Europe's largest active volcano Mount Etna, lava continues to spray. Saturday night in a dense lava and ash from the volcano, booming, has spread to a height of 500 meters. Which became operational at the beginning of the year, and this period of time, wakes up in the 8th Southeast Crater Etna'nın explosions, also created an incredibly magnificent display of fear on the people of the region, it says.

On Saturday afternoon, and after midnight, an explosion that signals that become active volcano ash cloud spread around with the wind, caused delays in a period of Catania Airport.

The most recent in 1992, became active in the Mount Etna, Catania was followed by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. (DHA)

Fatih soldiers Ö.F.K. firarisi (26), sexual intercourse in exchange for money from the internet to meet and agree Abdulkadir Çakmak Didem Soral by somersault (24), stabbed to death.

ISTANBUL - Yesterday at 22:30 hours in queues developed as follows according to the allegations of murder, who escaped from military service his union Ö. FK in Diyarbakir, the social networking site Facebook, he met with Didem Cakmak Abdulkadir nicknamed Soral.

Ö. FK Çakmak'la chatter for a while, went home Çakmak agreed to sexual intercourse in exchange for money. Ö. FK, Kadir Çakmak transvestite in the bedroom, seeing that the discussion was between them.

Meanwhile, BC knife and drawing FK, Abdulkadir Çakmak before the throat, then stabbed the various parts of his body. Then out of the house looking to escape the BC FK, apartment residents notice the noise from the front of the house attracted the attention of the police.

Fatih on Preventive Services Bureau Headquarters in teams, where they entered into the apartment came across traces of blood. The teams, who want to escape on the BC FK 't caught up. Ö. FK's admission as a result of entering the apartment, police found the body of Kadir Çakmak. The body was removed to the investigation, then the Forensic Medicine Institution.

The first query for the safety on when he killed transgender woman who said chest Çakmak O. FK, inzibata was delivered to the troops firarisi. (DHA)

Central Asia festival held every year in Hungary Kurultaj, many from around the world was flooded Turanists. Here is the European territory of the Huns, who at 500 years later thousands of entertainment ...

Yellow gold or silver wire embroidered kaftan made of goat hair and fur hat stretcher bow archers, javelin throwing cavalry on horses adorned with gems, the leather straps and the hands kumiss, shows the audience ... These images are followed with great interest the vast steppes of Mongolia, but, once ravaged by the Hun tribes is at the heart of Europe. Hungary is traditionally held each year in the south of the town of Bugac Kurultaj Turan festival, and the thousands flock from all over the world this weekend, hosted Turancıyı.On Friday, the opening ceremony of the festival which the burning fire of nomad, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and the Central Asian Turkic states in the country where the flag is hoisted at 23. Union in the opening ceremony of the archers on the show in Hungary Turan, Hun raider units was the scene of representation of the conquest, games and javelin competitions.
Tent one night hunHeld since 2007, but in 2009 due to financial reasons Kurultaj standstill, Bugac thousand 500 inhabitants of the town's economy with a stimulating activity. So much so, in the vicinity of the town's hotel occupancy rate has reached 100 percent. In addition, the culture of Central Asia, for guests who want to stay in a place that hosts an authentic, next to the celebration of 'bozüy' name was given to the Kirghiz of the traditions of the tracks that host a tent hair.Central Asian culture items, showing a large trade fair events, it was established under the wrought iron, cast bronze, such as traces of traditional Turkish culture, hosting the workshops are featured.
Besides Tutmaç kumissDate of stay in Central Asia and the chance to taste the flavors of the festival, captures the participants, called Tutmaç made dough and meat dishes, as well as at the traditional Turkish drink obtained by fermentation of milk is served with kumiss. Evening events in the Central Asian folk dance performances, the festival scene, local music, instruments, melodies, şenleniyor.Bugac Foundation, organized in collaboration with the Municipality and the Hungarian Turan, and this year, involving tens of thousands Kurultaj, then a grand closing ceremony ended.
Is based on the ancestors of the Hungarians Huns?For many years, dominating the Great Hun Empire, the dissolution of the Central Asian steppes, the Huns settled in around the known part of the Aral Sea. However, living conditions deteriorated, it began to move westward in this community, taking advantage of the power vacuum caused by Göçü'nün Tribes in the territory of the European Hun Empire, founded in Hungary today. Historians, central Hungary, about 200 years due to the Huns Huns Magyars lineage based on the report says. Depending on the Ural-Altaic family, just like Turkish, Hungarian is a language and in English-Hun territory of Hungary, which means 'Hungary' to reinforce these claims. On the other hand, widely used in the Hun Emperor Attila's name in Hungary.

Moscow, the young pop singer who had a summer weekend, Blue, Radical for Life wrote: Here's to enjoy the city's proposal for the two-day program ...

Of visa requirements for travel to Turkey to Russia Cheap Flights from future opportunity sites immediately as someone who knows and circumambulation, high-season round-trip ticket to Moscow the price of tickets bought in Bodrum. I threw myself to the north, hoping to get some heat uzaklaşırım İstanbul. But I met the plane upon arrival at the shocking truth: You're like me and Moscow on the type of fantasy-thriller "He is so cold that your nose is falling out after ten minutes. Patenleriyle ice in the winter everyone is going to work, "Be ready if you heard of such sentences. We expect these months, a completely different city! Çoluklu children cope with the heat at 35 degrees and all city residents to get to bed for the new irrigated grass, fountain pools diving desperately get stutters coast, such as children, ornamental waterfalls prop up their language, whether produced by the activity of various water made it a bustling city. Muscovites this season, bouncing like solar operation. Morning and the evening consumes beer, playing with balloons flying, definitely speak English, does not like strangers, but also not at all disturbed. In this article two days short enough to easily tell, and I will recommend this program, our colleagues in the English 'long weekend' kaçışlara they say may be appropriate. If you are heading to a tour of the Kremlin's upside down and bring your friends, as every tourist not know what to do with them if matruşkalardan numerous pieces, including melodies accompanied by the Russian borscht soup at the end of the Cyrillic alphabet çözdüyseniz içtiyseniz and lost a few times now and you can enjoy some of the city. Here let's look at the two-day program:

1. DAYGorky ParkScorpions 'Wind of Change' song etched in people's minds and Gorky Park in Moscow as one of the largest and most famous parks in the city park with a beauty that summarizes the culture. Each point of the park with the broadcast of music from speakers placed outside the door. Thus, deck chairs listening to Miles Davis, solve puzzles, rollerblading Cardigans with middle-aged couples who make the tango and the pool-side as possible by following the pink freak. Kaykaylarını young fathers with their children, cyclists, young musicians, laptop computers and employees under the tree, before the wedding brides come in here and having fun with friends, all in one ...Removed and placed in the municipality of colorful hammocks which houses two beautiful women in yoga pants götürülmediğini or how little of a warrior out of the bushes, "Let me help kaldırmana Abulaaa leg?" Did not say difficult to understand. But these questions have already traveled a bit and used to wake up 'to shake Is not Normal?
Manege SquareManege Square and then cool off under the pretext of a great round of the Kremlin after the pool around the fountain in the middle, of course, the crowd can be mixed. The wheeling and dealing next door - if any - members of the family "What I wonder is there for a toilet," he tricked into a three-story underground shopping street, and you can not see many shoe stores navigate anywhere. Çaktırmayın, more fun. Che Guevara matruşka whether someone needs a square already sold - so - expect a political stance.
Maxim Gorky MuseumAs the name suggests the home-museum of Maxim Gorky. Dali and Gaudi in the decoration of the effects, but the most 'yaşanmışlık' and 'collectors' overflowing, and himself, and a sense of the beautiful house with absolutely suggest to visit. Objects from around the world, as well as the effects and furniture, memories, photos, and the last he wrote before his death, including the lines to witness the inner world.Address: Malaya Nikitskaya ul 6 / 2Metro: Pushkinskaya
Bolshoi TheatreThis is a proposal to slightly hesitant. The reason is that the restoration of the Bolshoi, and all the demonstrations on the back of the building for several years' implementation of New Stage. Ticket prices are not astronomical, and worth much if you think you've come all see a demonstration of my skin. (Bolshoi.ru / en /)Metro: Belorusskaya
Torro Grill & Wine Bar:Every taste, choice of grills available. There are steaks, pork chops or even a squid. Chile and Argentina as well as wines or beer in their own productions. Three plaza building in the middle of the running around for a weekend kravatlılar, a pool side again, back again in a golden-domed church, behind the moonlight, home to many delicious wines. Address: Ul. Lesnaya 5b
Uruk CafeSince you do not do a trip to the tourist, rather than the Russian specialties, the Russians 'preferred' Let's try specialties. Uruk Cafe, a stylish and comfortable restaurants in Uzbek. Cage adjacent to the water pipe, even if the evening has live music. But 'if you go to lunch without arada'ya'll be surprised with a three. Beginnings white mushrooms, I recommend eating as Laghman, as well as the 'juice'. Thyme black tea is also wonderful pots. (Www.urukcafe.ru)Address: Tsvetnoi bulv.30, str. 1Metro: Tsvetnoi Boulevard

2. DAYSandunov Bath HouseSo stretched out in front of aristocracy, steam rooms and hot - cold pools, architectural details yourself by following the şımartacağınız Sandunov Bath! Although a certain age is a little bit and burn a little pocket money as you've got to visit one. (Www.sanduny.ru)Address: Neglinnaya ulitsa, 14
YakitoriaOut of a beautiful structure of a bathhouse and hungry 'miso soup' over 'dragon rolls, hamburger or family size is recommended. You can browse while waiting for dinner in the restaurant's tiny library, Taschen books. Yakitoria stands somewhere between being a dumping site with great design. But then everything doyduktan belly looks perfect. (Yakitoriya.ru)Address: 1-or Tverskaya-Yamskaya ul 1 / 29 Mayakovskaya
Victory ParkMost of my reasons for liking it applies to Gorky Park. Here, in addition to the causes of victory monuments, war museum, a long walk from the pools, such as road and river current. Afternoon walk with a balloon flying beer, not to mention the war never reached the edge of the pool to feel like a feather in recommendations.
Capri ClubStrip club dance-club in Moscow, one of dozens of Capri. Farkıysa male dancers, the customers are women. Women as a male customer inside the required entry fee 20 times the demand is not likely to see. Menus at the tables 'romantic dinner', 'up to the house drop', 'chat at the table', 'full day tour of the city' services, such as allusions to light, the space around and watches the hand progresses, until the waiters are browsing shorts shows, changing themes, blood pressure rises. Address: Akademika Sakharova pr. 14 (clubkapriz.ru / capris_dancer)
Baba MartaSofia, Bulgarian dishes per clip turned out to be one in Moscow last night I went to a Bulgarian restaurant. Funny and eating plenty of these home-made Bulgarian rakılı limonatalarından drinking should remain seated. One of 'şopslka' buy-to-head put spices they put salad, while I need to remember that. (Www.babamarta.ru)Address: No. Gogolevsky Boulevard. 8
Capital City Tower in MoscowThis recommendation is officially opened, but then realized that although I have towers "to Worldwide Büyüksu" quota Europe's tallest building, the 'Moscow Tower went up the hill. Capital City project, the architects of Turkish friend, 68-fold lift me from the stairs 10 times and then invited on a journey that continues. Moscow also views of the hill a bit sızlansam really quite beautiful. Both the office, and planned to be used as a residence outside of this building is full of surprises in the inside. To find an internet search with the external design of the already tiny, I sunayım insider information. Do you guys want the motion sensor in the wall, or are reaching the elevators at the beginning of hundreds of cool weather vane is back? I like the stock market index information is the most outgoing, and poems by multiplying the two sides come together in the middle, the letters into the air dispersed digital dashboard. Your way is Moscow's' Manhattan District falls in the middle a little bit of modern architecture to see at the top of the shopping center giant rambler matruşkalar exhibition.