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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bodybuilding, Fitness and Wellness champion of Turkey TRT reporter Isil Okan Aktan, 9 years for a divorce on the grounds where his wife, Abraham leads Okan'dan violence

Vatan newspaper Çengil'e Zehra, who said her husband opened a divorce because sees violence Isil Okan TRT reporter, will open today on a divorce case, said: "My wife is the champion of Turkey, even the day of my success was not common. Hiss was telling me to your friends. Women will never exceed the front man. To add muscle, not to exceed, as a spirit, as the money. When the characters are unable to satisfy the ego of such events makes time. Sometimes my wife used to throw me a slap, also did 1-2 years ago. One week I could not do sports. Cause of quarrel was this: My wife would not let the money home for a while, accompanied by not bringing his duties. I prepared special menus for myself, my wife started eating athletes. Last Saturday my money is limited, but my budget to the limits of their I told myself. 'I am giving the house rent. If I want to thank you by saying s.ktir attacked. My hair pulled, I fell down. Sat on me. My neck started to hit directly. Punched 20 times. I stood up. Asked me to correspond. Women carry the spirit. The same man, I put the pillow hand kaldıramazdım head. 'I have the muscles kullansana seeing them, "he said. Was silent until now because of my child. "

The case opens today

Isil said, and the door key has changed about the house giremediğini Aktan, "Morluklarım thankfully passed. Turkey has to choose the world Championship on Sept. 23-25. He'll kupamı in competition. My wife is my biggest engelimdi. Divorce and criminal cases (due to assault) vekaletini I gave my lawyer. Today prosecuted. There are also a coroner's report. Pulses received from the neck. Continuously tracks kick boxla know. I had to punch my head, my hair yolundu. When I called the police came to me with a knife. Çağırmamamı police asked for my face swollen. My neck has damaged my shoulder, cheek kemiğimde crushes, I have my nose edema. "

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