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Sunday, July 31, 2011

President Abdullah Gul, on Twitter fast during Ramadan and wished tutanlara convenience.

ANKARA-Rose, twitter account, the time passed very quickly, and more that a month of Ramadan, said: "Fasting to all facilities that wish," he wrote.

On the other hand, wanted to draw attention to the issue of hunger in Africa, representing Rose, said:

"Last Friday was overshadowed by political developments in Africa, hunger in my call for help. Tradition, culture and beliefs in terms of a separate feature on the occasion of this month should show more interest in humanitarian issues. By this means, especially in Africa, hunger and thirst, against people with a very difficult situation to be more sensitive to invite everyone. in this regard, which is very active in public or non-governmental organizations, more or less saying, I think that in the spirit of this month olunmasının support. "

Rose, also a teacher and other staff working in public institutions-contracted some of the many posts about the problems of citizens, stating that, "teacher assignments, in particular, Mr. Prime Minister, will forward all of these problems," he said. (Mm)

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