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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Unbelievable ways thieves in the streets of Istanbul 'nights' work. Here's an interesting methods of theft and the police struggle ...

Police, working hard to catch thieves, but thieves also are struggling to avoid being caught up to them at least. Sometimes in costume, sometimes changing the region when they are exposed. Even taking pictures of police officer, 'identification' do not. Indeed, the thieves of a neighborhood market, this is precisely the work that is on the police officer was caught taking photographs.
Istanbul police in the 'thief a step ahead' is developing its own methods to break down the stereotype. 'Car team' application is one of them. Understood as consisting of luxury cars and the police car on street by street teams traveling and home intruders açtırmıyor eye. In this way, declining interest rates home theft case that occurred. The first 6 months of the year by 15 percent over last year, auto theft, theft otodan 20 percent, 35 percent have decreased yankesicilikte.
Burglar methodsConstantly engaged in theft criminals caught in the region begins to change in a region. For example, a thief caught in Kadikoy goes Ümraniye. But one of the most interesting methods, thieves, confidence in their region to photograph teams. Each other by distributing these photos the police 'know', so caught trying to stop. More skilful change of costume is the female thieves. Market to the thieves to the police record sheet the büründükleri Fatih Wednesday, Akmerkez shopping centers such as the thieves by wearing clothes and make-up by the ultra-modern was trying to hide.
Istanbul police that separates into three regions: the cases of theft appears in these regions in a single center to collect. Thus, using the technological possibilities of the police officers who act in a coordinated manner by following the continuous images of the central region changes more easily catch the thieves. Trolley-house teams to prevent theft of confidence in the team began using teams. Often, luxury cars equipped with the 41 to awaken the impression that the police team, Kadikoy, up to 1 day with 20 home theft case dropped.
* The first measures against the thief is not a separate card jammed in front of the ATM customers. Special device that places the calls to phones within the bank robbers also leads to them. This is why customer service must be sought not only mobile phones.* If you find yourself in the middle of a fight 'tantanacılık' method to protect your valuables on you.* Do not display money in your pocket you do not recognize anyone, do not remove your money in crowded places. Tırnakçılık counting method should be carefully especially against the top of the store in the Cashier.* On the road or street while walking on the side of the street close as possible to avoid. Reverse the direction of the bag, move the flow of traffic.
Unusual methods of theft: Dızdızcılık, pislikçilik, zarfçılık ATM thieves for stealing many of the commonly used method is the method kullanıyor.En placed ATMs that provide special aparatla card jam. ATM thieves apparatus placed in the money around trying to find the ones following the passwords. Jam the card into an ATM with the ATM in front of the customer left the thief takes the card and the account empties. In another method, the bank placed in a conspicuous phones with mobile phone calls by routing them to obtain customer information.
Pislikçilik: Burglar on the spits and wipes removing chewing on the victim attempting to delete leblebiyi. In the meantime, take a wallet in his pocket.Muslukçuluk: ablution while the thief's jacket in this method, beyond the person approached, pretending to take stool and hangs his jacket on the back when mağdurunkinin jacket takes both.Söğüşçülük: playback method, especially purses of the pockets of sleeping persons accompanying the patient.Zarfçılık: Thief of this method, the ground, throws in a handkerchief and handkerchief in a fake gold waits to find the victim. The victim approached the thief and the handkerchief will now 'but they had found', tell us that common. Burglar hasty act on this issue, says that the emergency work. Altınlara Mendildeki an appraisal. £ '300 For example, will they give me 150 I'll be going 'he says. Disappearance with the money.Dızdızcılık: Razor bags and clothing had been stolen valuables pockets by cutting method.Tantanacılık: Bank of the victim around the bank will follow a group of 4-5 persons. Then they fight. Victims fight card is one of allocating the band. Victims' groups do not separate the thieves' fight 'is around the victim.Tırnakçılık: Iranians held in particular have many applications in this method. Thief entered the store to make a deal and not exceeding 10 pounds will pay big banknotla. While counting the money a couple of swift movement on the bill with money players. Then, saying the extra money that is missing from the cashier. Other way 'Turks do not know the money "under the pretext of looking at the victim's money money' tırnaklaması '.

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