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Sunday, August 14, 2011

15th Day of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month - RT/WW

The Chinese Ghost Month commenced two weeks ago, we Chinese believed that the spirits of the dead would be released so they can visit earth during this time.

We burn incense, offer lavish food and paper Mache’ replicas of things such as clothing and gold ingots to the spirit of our dead ancestors to give them comfort in the afterlife.

lavish food offerings for hungry ghosts

Then there are wandering spirits with no relatives to venerate them after their death or those who had a terrible death or did not receive a proper burial who must be appeased or they will bring bad luck and misfortune.

Yesterday was the 15th day of the month and believed to be the most risky day. :P

With a few friends, my husband and I visited The Goddess of Mercy temple to offer prayers. The temple was packed with worshippers.

free joss sticks for worshippers

Many activities are avoided during Ghost Month. No swimming or walking near riverbanks as water spirits are believed to be lying in wait for a chance to reincarnate. :P

Travelling, moving to a new home, surgical procedures or weddings are postponed. Business deals are avoided at this time. And no staying out after the sun sets.

Oops...... I have to rush out for some groceries and return to the safety of my home before the sun goes down ......

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