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Friday, August 12, 2011

After Angelina Jolie Penelope Cruz Bosnia and Herzegovina comes to shooting a movie

SARAJEVO-Italian director Sergio Castellitto'nun "Venuto al Mondo" at the film of Sarajevo, Başçarşısı'nda next month's shooting said the participation of the famous actress Penelope Cruz.

Penelope Cruz, according to a report in local daily Dnevni Avaz, Sarajevo, is married to an Italian woman to portray. 'Venuto al Mondo' films, the Bosnian war (1992-1995) after the Italian woman named Gema, where his son died in his father's return to show the true story of Sarajevo.

Penelope Cruz in the film, as well as the famous young actor Emile Hirsch also learned to play.

A few months ago 'Blood and Honey Country' filming completed by the famous actress Angelina Jolie, director of the film's first shots had made in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

17. Sarajevo Film Festival's closing ceremony of the famous actor Brad Pitt joined Jolie, here in his "Honorary Heart of Sarajevo" award at the time of lived emotional moments. (Mm)

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