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Friday, August 12, 2011

American doctors, patients changing their genes, was able to beat cancer

AMERICA-New England Journal of Medicine and Science in Translational Medicine, according to the article published in journals, scientists, patients, their immune system cells, genetically modified cells are then re-injected into the patient has uğrattıktan. Each cell of the immune system of genetically modified cancer cell killing was seen per thousand.
In this study, the University of Pennsylvania Carl June, 'said yaradı'diye work than expected too.
As previously known, but applying for the first time scientists have successfully tested the method in their research, between the ages of 65 and 77, previously received different chemotherapy treatments, but the three men clinging to leukemia, the patient has used. Suitable donor could be found, for three of the patients treated with stem cell transplantation has never been possible.
Scientists, patients, viruses or cancer cells to kill attacking T-cells, which was to find a surface receptor. With the help of a virus to the T-cells, the scientists injected new genes, the T-cells, a different type of immune system cells find and kill the B-cells helped to create a new receptor. Three patients who do not know no stopping the proliferation of B-cells, chronic lymphocytic leukemia was caused.
Genetically modified T-hüceleri given, the average in their bodies, in the form of B-cell tumors in patients with a weight of about three weeks and no structures had cancer.
Patients, a lot of problem as soon as possible disintegration of matter, fever, shortness of breath, dizziness, diarrhea, short-term circulatory and renal dysfunction caused by tumor lysis syndrome, although this was later side effects. Cancer patients, two were completely destroyed. Ten months of the patients reported to be healthy.
Method for the patent claim the same university in June and colleague David Porter, other cancer types to investigate whether the treatment was successful. (Mm)

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