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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line, 26.6-kilometer tunnel will be opened Bilecik Karakoy area runs out as planned, construction will break the world record.

Eskisehir-Istanbul line will reduce 1.5 hours between the end of 2013 to raise 2 thousand 95 people working non-stop.
Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Railway line, the second leg of the second stage of Eskisehir-Istanbul approached the end of the tunnel digging work.
According to the newspaper when, on the outskirts of the Turkmen Koroglu and tens of kilometers of tunnels opening giant. Within a year, these tunnels will be passed all the stages completed track laying and electrification. Tunnel digging work undertaken by Turkish companies are completely. In the second phase will be launched in the Chinese-Turkish partnership consortium of foreign companies.
The 26.6 kilometer-long tunnel in the locality of the line of Bilecik Karakoy Germany, made specially for the tunnel 'Tunnel Boring Machine' (CPC) was brought by a device. 2 thousand tons of the giant mole, one of the world's largest tunnel boring machines. CPC Project Manager Sertac Tokcan, the machine says to do the excavation of 20 meters per day. 380 meter world record of the excavation is still in the tunnels months. Sertac Tokcan per month, reaching 540 meters world record kıracaklarını says. Excavation of the tunnel are made of concrete blocks laid in a specially prepared. CPC, from tomorrow will start to dig. 135 people work double shifts. The tunnel is scheduled to be completed in 14 months.
Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line is integrated with the completion of Marmaray Gebze with seamless passenger and freight transport to Europe. İnönü-Eskişehir and Sakarya Köseköy mevkilerindeki between the tunnel and viaducts have been completed more than 70 percent. 154-kilometer-long route will be opened by special methods in some tunnels. An advance Köseköy from studies carried out in two stages as-Vezirhan and Vezirhan-Inonu. The second stage of high-speed train will be held for a total investment of $ 1.7 billion.
11 thousand 342-meter section between Köseköy Vezirhan 8 drilling of 10 thousand 960-meter section of the tunnel was opened. 29 thousand 147-meter section between Vezirhan-Inonu 20 and 15 thousand 804 meters of drilling of the tunnel has been completed. In total, 40 thousand 489 meters long, 28 drilling of the tunnel has been completed so far 26 thousand 764 meters. Köseköy-Vezirhan between the total length of 4 thousand 395 meters of 79 percent of the 11 part of the viaduct is completed, the total length of 5 thousand 843 meters of Inonu Vezirhan-13 of the 68 percent of the viaduct was completed. In total, 10 thousand 238 meters long and 24 units over 74 percent of the viaduct.
YHT the end of 2013 IN ISTANBULTCDD 2 Director of Railway Construction Group of Love-new, Inonu-Köseköy between the project have been rehabilitated several times, he says. Route changes due to road works in the same area Karayolları'nın his double representing the failures and creaking, "such as rail, not road, bridge and tunnel route is changed, so did the numbers." he says. Strengthen the work of many on the plain ground of Inonu-Köseköy transfers made in the creaking of the line until the end of 2013 to complete the report says. Line the entire 40.5-kilometer tunnel will. 26.7 kilometer digging them out of operations. The length of the viaduct on the line around 10.2 miles. This also means 74 percent complete.

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