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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aselsan many Russians, has overtaken the U.S. and Israeli companies.

National defense industry, which is important in the defense industry company ASELSAN, the world's largest defense industry in the list of institutions continues to rise.United States-based military magazine Defense News published by the publishing company for five years according to the list of the top 100 defense industry company (Defense News Top 100) in the ASELSAN the previous year, 93 Meanwhile, last year's 86 had taken place. Gradually increasing with the success graph of projects Üslendiği ASELSAN 80th this year increased order.
ASELSAN is the only Turkish company is in the position to make the list.
TARGET FIRST 50Turkey, where only the unloading of the Top 100 list, is the world's most important defense industry organizations.
Each year by the Defense News magazine which is published on the basis of the previous year, sales of defense''Defense News Top 100'', is recognized as the world's most prestigious list of the defense industry.
Turkish army in the field of electronic devices and systems with the most important source of ASELSAN, a leading place in the list each year, taking in the near future around the world aims to be one of the top 50 defense firms.
ASELSAN, U.S. AND ISRAELI COMPANIES SurpassesThis year's list, 80 ASELSAN rising order, the defense industry operates a large number of U.S., Russian and Israeli company left behind.
Winner of this year's list, while the U.S. firm Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, it was followed by the British.
Which is a subsidiary company of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, ASELSAN Military Communication Systems, Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems, Electro-Optical Systems, Navigation and Avionics Systems, Defense and Weapon Systems, Command-Control-Communications-Computer-Intelligence-Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR ) Systems, Naval Combat Systems, Professional Communications Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems design, development, manufacturing, system integration, modernization and after sales services in the areas of working as a technology center.
R & D SECTOR PAY MOST OF THE DISTINGUISHINGAuthority, 600 domestic companies as a business rule against supply industry. ASELSAN engineers still 2250'si, 4150 staff working. Each year an average 7 percent of its turnover in R & D activities, R & D expenditure allocated to the unloading, the entire defense industry in Turkey has doubled the share of firms allocated to research.
Turkish Armed Forces to meet the need for technology which is the most important national resource ASELSAN, the international defense market continues to work to improve the effectiveness and market share. ASELSAN, 38 countries, as well as direct sales of products, technology transfer and joint production and exports, including performing the work.

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