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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bulgarian Red Crescent set up, shut down. Bulgaria's first "Muslim Democratic" party also blocked establishment, to protest against the Election Board went to her underwear. 'New Ottomans won a decisive victory at the end of Uzeyir Üzeyirov: a Bulgarian court for the first time, a Turkish citizen has an interpreter.

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet newspaper reported, Bulgaria, arguing against a political figure. Turks living in Bulgaria, connected to the town of Targoviste Slavyanovo'da Uzeyir Üzeyirov (Yuzeir Yuzeirov) acts contrary to the last few years, the Bulgarian media, found their way from time to time, but made headlines for the first time.
Beginning to remove Üzeyirov'un fez, he had erected in the villages along with his brother Ali as the businessman in "The Unknown Turkish military" memorial, on 30 September 2009 it was destroyed by court order. Then Kızılay'ını Bulgaria Bulgarian government in this initiative to set up a Üzeyirov'un hışmına was describing.
The first party, the SleepÜzeyirov undismayed, 2010 in April Şumnu'da "Sleep" pushed the button to set up the party. Bulgarian, "Tolerance, Responsibility, Ethics and Alternative Progressive Union," the party's name is created with the initials of the words' andırınca the Ottoman Empire, the Bulgarians were furious nationalist. "If the Christian Democratic Party, Democratic Party, why not a Muslim," said Üzeyirov, the party could not establish the necessary 500 signatures to toplayamadığı.
Üzeyirov still did not give up. Collect enough signatures before the 23 October presidential elections, the Muslim Democratic Union (MDB), established at the party. His brother Ali has made his party's presidential candidate. However, the Central Election Committee, the party has turned election. Üzeyirov on this, the board meeting last week, "boxer" underwear protest and select Colleges.
Now the 350 thousand Bulgarian Levi (453 thousand pounds), money laundering and financial fraud accused to testify Üzeyirov gitmeyince was arrested last Tuesday. The day before the first trial and the defense of the Turkish Üzeyirov who made the following statement: "A court in Bulgaria for the first time, gave a Bulgarian citizen of Turkish interpreter. We broke the siege imposed on us for 130 years. A great day, a great victory. "
Siblings: Two people will vote for meÜzeyirov Ali on October 23 announced that presidential elections are still the only Turkish candidates. Ali Üzeyirov, "At least two people will vote for me: I and my brother," he said.
HÖH'ü attempt to divide?
But Turks in Bulgaria, representing the largest party, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), looks at how Üzeyirovlar'a? Speaking to Hürriyet founder, president and chief advisor of the Federation of Balkan Rumeli Pehlıvanoğlu Ozcan, "Üzeyirov'un Draw attention to the front, under the extreme right-wing coalition government supported ATAKAN may attempt to divide the Turkish vote. Because the Turks, and Roma and Pomaks indivisible if the cooperation may even one day the prime minister, "he said. (Hurriyet)

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