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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Due to mining licenses, virtually trouble free distributed. MTA çantacı'lar could not search because of the uranium.

ANKARA - General Directorate of Mining Affairs in 2006-2007, such as 495 pounds for a period of three years of comic figures turned out to thousands of mining licenses handed out. Strategic licenses in some mines, hand changing geçn within 5 years; mining sector, the last victim of leather goods General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration.
The search for uranium during the MTA in Manisa, "In these areas, uranium exploration license in my hand," said a citizen had to stop for a while working on the appeal. Studies have re-booted the introduction of Ankara. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, is now a real miner's license within one year to prove that the area should take concrete steps, he said. Department of Energy last year with their new arrangement, they collect exorbitant prices, trying to sell licenses, real miners' çantacılar'a went to war a year and 7 thousand licenses' No inactivity 'was back on the grounds.
495 pounds licenseMetals in relation to facilitating the process for getting a license arrangement, appeared in 2005 and was also reflected in the figures as soon as possible. Between 1995-2004 an average of 3 thousand 550 mining licenses is being edited, in 2005, this figure is 9 thousand 832'ye in 2006 was 12 thousand 215. The figure of 11 thousand 239 in 2007 and in 2008 was 11 thousand 379. '495 Pounds' licenses are sold in a number like this in the 'bag store' in the industry led to the birth of a new so-called.Energy Minister Taner Yildiz, the public 'bag store as' the thousands of license holders when it detects that the license holder exploration made it mandatory to take concrete steps within 1 year. This year, an average of 7 thousand of the license of any transaction done after you edit it back to say that Stars, the regulation was made in good faith, but it is being abused, he said.Mining legislation, reminiscent of the Stars have been modified in 2010, their reasons for change, "only the bag should not be bought and sold a license arrangement. 7-8 thousand per year license, just because they did not do any work for the people who remain null and void. 3 years in terms of non-real-actual investor that the investor continues operations-a total of 20 thousand license is wasted. We note that in this law, we have to edit them, "he said.
Enrichment conditionsUranium, a radioactive mineral. Nuclear power plants are used as fuel or nuclear bombs. However, what the nature of nuclear power plants in the state, nor nuclear weapons can be used. Natural uranium enrichment for nuclear or weapons should be used in titles.Uranium enrichment, are very large reactors. Number of countries in the world capable of this enrichment does not exceed 5.

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