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Friday, August 12, 2011

Experts, consumers, liver, kidney, brain, nervous system, blood circulation, which can cause damage to the lungs and the digestive system and warns that they are consciously invisible against the formation of aflatoxin.

nden İngilizce diline çeviri
Sakarya - Sakarya University, Department of Food Engineering Asst. Assoc. Dr. Angie wishes, a kind of mold of aflatoxin in foods, as stated in the case of the above standards may constitute a hazard to human health, said.
4 categories of aflatoxin had left their striking küfünün Angie,''This mold is a mold that can damage organs in the human body. Two of these molds is the blue glow, the color turns blue. Two of them turns into the green. Because of the colors blue and green 'Blue' and 'Green' is classified as. These two species among themselves''B1-B2 'and' G1-G2 'categorized as. Searched the effects on human health of this species 'B1' most risky type of toxin that had identified. This toxin has certain limits. Are accumulated in the body over time, you get the lower limit. Rises above the normal limit, causing the destruction,''he said.
Angie, aflatoxin control is done according to regulations by explaining the standards, the EU countries for 5 Pbb toxin type B-1, a total of 10 for the accumulation of toxins Pbb been reported that some criteria.
In practice, in terms of human health in Turkey indicated that the most dangerous kind of 'B1' not specify the toxin, which indicates a limit for Angie,''according to the regulations in Turkey, a total of aflatoxin limit set at 10 Pbb. Except he is a standard specified for B-1 toxin,''he said.
Aflatoxin küfünün-fat products such as nuts and red pepper flakes, striking heavily üreyebildiğine Angie, said that the storage conditions should be considered.
One phrase that may affect the others Angie moldy nuts, said:''Some of the products, especially oil products because it provides a breeding ground much more quickly, than is entering the risk group. For example, nuts, dried fruits such as peanuts. At every stage from farm to storage, attention must be paid to the preservation method. Rutubetliyse environment, moist environment for toxins are the perfect host, there may multiply easily. So I need to keep these types of products, dry place. Even the refrigerator if possible. For example, red pepper flakes. Aflatoxins in red pepper flakes are incredibly high, and it is not known by many people. Red pepper flakes in a group of very risky. Many spices have received and analyzed the group, could not find fresh pepper.''
Boundary value analysis on the 10 Pbb'nin red pepper flakes, 100 Pbb'ye come across products that values ​​closer to Angie, of aflatoxin could be passed on to the ground, he said.
Angie, pepper flakes, pointing to both the manufacturing process is very inconvenient, said:Paprika as a whole,''the dried beans. Core pepper flakes in a more humid environment, very difficult to dry. We look to understand the shell is not drying in the core are dry. Is the core mold and produces a toxin Kurumayınca. So I need to change the production process pepper flakes. May also break down or speed drying. Now there are new technologies, new technologies have already produced red pepper flakes in such a drawback.''

Aflatoxin''cleared "
Angie, indicating that the measures can be taken to minimize the effects of aflatoxin in some cases, the wash to clean moldy products said to be ineffective.
Angie extracting the toxins present in our products is not possible to attract attention, said completed:
Simply keep dry place if possible,''we have received products. Product routines necessary to dry thoroughly. I need to store refrigerated pepper flake. The toxin is stored in the refrigerator for at least üreyemiyor. Refrigerator temperature is not a suitable environment for growth of the toxin, remains constant. If you can not something in him, there are not enough of the toxin in such a temizleyemiyorsunuz extract. If you keep your product in the refrigerator if it is hosting the toxin remains in the same level. A beautiful setting for the moist environment of toxins, while objectionable to us. I need to pay attention to color change. There are well-known brands of food items for receiving.''

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