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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finland's' angry bird toys, textiles, films ranging from social network games, is preparing to fly to a new sector

ISTANBUL - The world's most played Angry Birds mobile game that marked the last years, continues to enter the different sectors. Finnish game toy manufacturer who produces the first step, then entered the children's textiles sector. However, not satisfied by the company, now the console games, feature films, television series, with social networking games and more will fly high.
Angry Birds'ün manufacturer Rovio Entertainment, console game, Electronic Arts, the social network Zynga, television series and feature films in the News: News Corporation is planning to work with Walt Disney.

$ 1.2 billion investment
Angry Birds'ün hazırlağı According to the draft budget, the giant corporations 'angry bird' in the air to grab a total of $ 1.2 billion to pay for. However, the investor is meticulous about the company, rejected the offer so far, many big investment. Google + up to an agreement with the company, a short time after the fans have access to social networks. The company, including Skype, including the most recent investment group took $ 42 million. On the other hand, the company issued the furniture and accessories, and continues to be talked about. Angry Birds masks and toys and then put his hand to the textile sector. Angry Birds logo on the baby and children's clothing store in the world started to be sold close to 200. Angry Birds in Turkey's toys sold at the moment. Toy prices starting from TL 20, 150 and goes up to TL.

Angry Birds Figures
Up until now been downloaded 250 million times.
Played a total of more than 1 million hours each day.
There are 40 million active users daily.
During the 275 days has been leading the best-selling games list.
Android application platform advertising revenues reached $ 1 million per month. (Economy Service)

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