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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Heart, lucky number 7

These are heart attack, the United States at a fearful rate. One of every four women dies from this disease. Do not risk your heart health. Symptoms of a heart attack and learn what you can do to keep your heart strong and healthy.
Heart health help you not to leave to chance the number 7 lucky for you have brought together. Like all complex systems in your body is the best way to work your heart needs a proper maintenance done.
Here's your health at the heart of heart lucky numbers ...
Lucky number 1:
Resting heart rate below 90
I threw up in a minute where your pulse by measuring the state of relaxation you can find your heart rate. This figure is a barometer of what is happening in the body. A slower resting heart rate, which means that your heart stronger and more efficient. On the other hand, a higher heart rate indicates that the heart must work harder to do the same things. According to research state of resting heart rate more than 90 women's risk of dying from a heart attack, that is still heard in heart rate 3 times higher than in females under 60 ... Fortunately, there are some things you can do to stabilize the resting heart rate. One of the most important reasons to be speeding up your heartbeat inflammation (inflammation) to fight. All jobs rather than clutter up your heart, omega-3s add nutrition program. Is that these supplements help lower cholesterol levels, as well as anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) are features. Inflammation, there may be emotional. In these cases, try to avoid stress. Heart rate but also an indication of your level of endurance. The heart of a strong run to keep the heart muscles. Should aim to reach 80 percent of maximum heart rate at the practices of cardio. Maximum heart rate, count from 220 to the present age. For example, a 30 year old person will target heart rate is 220-30 = 190 Should be 190x0.8 = 152. 3 times a week, for 20 minutes to reach this heart rate will help to strengthen your heart.
Lucky number 2:
1.5 grams of sodium per day
Particular, are over the age of 50, a day should consume less salt, 1 tea spoon. On average, Americans consume more salt than twice that amount. Sodium, heart, kidneys, and damages the blood veins. In addition, by raising blood pressure causes the heart to work faster and may lead to a heart attack.
Lucky number 3:
Up to 100 calories of added sugar a day
Added sugar intake, leading to high rate of obesity pose a risk of heart attack and stroke. Even if some problems with Kilonuzla directly consume sugar raises your blood pressure and cholesterol effects. This causes the aorta and hardening of the heart leads to more fatigue. Eating sugar really might not notice how much you eat. Substances may be hidden inside, so the evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, high fructose corn syrup and sugar-containing products, such as the secret to avoid. To find out the amount of extra sugar that you see the statement of the nutritional value of the product.
Lucky number 4:
25 grams of fiber a day
Each one after each other's research shows that feeding schedule, how much fiber you add, so are protected from heart attacks. Fiber, cholesterol in your intestines and digestive system acts as a magnet pushing it helps to remove wastes in the bloodstream by absorption. Fiber provides the accumulation of cholesterol in the toilet instead of the veins. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to get the fiber and get 100 percent whole-grain bread and pasta.
Lucky number 5:
Alcoholic drink 1 a day
Decision to consume alcohol, your heart may be useful for. Red wine; shell, the sides of the heart's blood vessels to help protect the land that contains antioxidant polyphenols are made from grapes. There are high rates of vitamin B6 in beer. Vitamin B6, a harmful chemical that can cause a heart attack can help prevent the buildup of homocysteine, which is. You can add as many decision after Ramadan diet.
Lucky number 6:
Stay away from trans fat
Trans fats are ready, and crackers, cakes and buns, chips and fried foods such as potatoes are. The use of trans fats, chemical structures, is that relying on a long time at room temperature. Trans fats were designed for the construction of the first candle. Trans fats harm your body. Which reduces the amount of HDL the good cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL) increases. Also leads to the formation of plaque in your veins, arteries and causes damage to cells increases inflammation in the body. In the most frightening part is, trans fats may have unknowingly consumed. U.S. food companies, 0.5 grams per serving of trans fats in products if they contain at least has no listing requirements. Therefore, margarine, shortening, popcorn ready, do not be common criminals, such as peanut butter, and coffee cream.
Lucky number 7:
Hemoglobin A1C test will be the maximum value 6
Hemoglobin A1C test measures blood sugar levels for the last 2-3 months. Hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells. This red blood cells live for 3 months at a time in the body. Last 2-3 months your blood protein hemoglobin A1C test, which measures how much sugar accumulation, which measures blood sugar glucose test that day only eat a better indicator. Hemoglobin A1C results by 6 percent or higher, you have the body to translate the energy produced by the hormone insulin by the pancreas glucose use can properly state that insulin resistance may mean that. Insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes is considered as the precursor. While there are no tangible signs of insulin resistance, it is known that the omentum on the status of the so-called göbeğinizdeki fat accumulation. Omentum, a fasting state of liver stores calories as calories can be reached easily. Large, if you have a fatty omentum, the liver may leak chemicals and this can be quite dangerous for your heart. Squeeze lemon into the lower your blood sugar levels eat is. Lemon juice, sugar, foods that your body makes it easier to process. Your meal can also try adding a half teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon, improves the body's insulin sensitivity. Also be taken daily 200 micrograms chromium supplementation, have shown reduced insulin resistance.
The lungs are the most dangerous for the 'external toxins' are?
Interact with the outside world, which is one way your body bulunulduğu 3 lungs (Some other ways the skin and intestines) are exposed to large amounts of toxins can be harmful. Lungs that most affect the airborne pollutant ozone, carbon monoxide, azotdioksit, sulfur dioxide, and lead looks like. Diyoksinler among others, asbestos (asbestos) and particulate matter (diesel, petrol and other fuels and of cigarette smoke particles) is located.
Lung disease, how to implement a nutrition program?
Fruit and vegetables, a diet rich in fish and whole grains as well as many diseases of aging from chronic lung illness, provides protection against. However, this is because unlike all the other samples is unknown. Despite this, people in risk between the highest and the lowest rate of lung diseases enjoyed a widespread lead five times aware of the high-quality nutrition. So whatever your choose nutritious foods.

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