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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Khaled El Zafarani, Turkey, the AK Party is trying to establish the same name and the program.

CAIRO - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year after the popular uprising that overthrew the regime of four separate parties, founded the Islamic community. Two of these parties, the AK Party's founding philosophy and the program adopted in principle.
Supported by the Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Brotherhood founded by a group of devoted Mediocre Party, the AK Party took the sample. These parties, as the model adopted during the establishment of Turkey's ruling party also announced to the public.
El Zafarani living in the city of Alexandria in 2005''as''the Justice and Development Party, a party to establish by law the court asked for permission, but for being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood party was not allowed to form.
El Zafarani, AA correspondent, said the AK Party, in addition to using the name of the party's program and adopt policies specifying the same, said:
Mubarak,''we have to fight for the establishment of our party management since 2005. Mubarak's regime did not allow the establishment of our party. Our application was accepted on January 25 after the rebellion of the people and the court decision was made by the organization. I hope our party begin operating in September with the enactment of the court's decision.''
According to the law on political parties in Egypt, before the court to be allowed, then the court's decision, taking into account relevant council must approve the party takes action.
El Zafarani, "to follow the process and achievements of the AKP's rise to power in Turkey are affected," he said. Recently, in Egypt, the AK Party and the party seeking to establish with the same name and pointing to increasing the number of people that declare intent El Zafarani,''We have made application in 2005. Model and management style of the AK Party also wanted to have enjoyed in Egypt for the same party, "he said.
Ramazanını Turkish people celebrating El Zafarani, "Our hope is you. Ülkümüz is you. Since the Ottoman Empire leader. I hope that you will continue as the leader of the Islamic world," he said. Khalid El Zafarani member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mubarak, jailed, and at regular intervals during the five times the total was in jail for a period of five years. (Mm)

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