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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ramadan, due to flash on the TV screen every night from the robes Ahmet Hoca, "which became the tidbits of life should be fun Nakşilik" on the screen representative of the state of

Ahmet Hoca'yla Chats robes, every weekday evening, 19.10 'from the flash on the TV
Ramadan special chat programs 'industry' has become. By now, many television channels and sahur during Ramadan, these programs are essential ... And in the middle channels can not be shared by the 'ulama in demand' there, waiting to be invited to 'gariban ulama' in the ... course, leans, or a very 'epridiği' ulama for the forgotten ...This' Piyasa'da my favorite (of course in terms of visual culture criteria) robes Ahmet Hoca ...'BEDIUZZAMAN 2009'larda Fatih Altayli tavassutuyla media began to dance. 'Hodja tekken' Heads to Single carrying the Altay region, responsible for creation's first star of the show include Naqsh. Allah is the 'Walk or servant said, "... long conversations in which we find him flash on the TV screen, every night is coming on the occasion of araRamazan.Interestingly, the following: environment and lecterns BEDIUZZAMAN Naqsh-i grew up and educated sheikh passed 'meşreb'i the current performance in terms of its very' mütenakız 'are offering a look. Fatih-Çarşamba'daki Ismailaga community Sheikh Mahmud (Ustaosmanoğlu) Hoxha, the country's Sufi sense of the word 'pious', living in the deepest Nakşîsiydi bigotry. 'Erkân'dan that does not tolerate the slightest deviation,' modernity and its products (which you must mention at this point in the first place televizüel media) wide-range, a line of even approaching was scowling.But much water has passed under the bridge. 'Mahmut Hoca megacity Istanbul' ghetto 'life continues to address the poor immigrants feel lost in import-off Nakşîliği, it' ghetto and conquer the city and discovered, joy, pleasure, and this time he met sefayla expired. Moreover, television is no longer indexed, so that becomes part of life for the tidbits of Naqsh olunmalıydı olunacaksa fun. Here 'robes', a result of this. 'Rather than Erkân'dan' DISPLAY Nakşîliğin reputation of a practitioner who ...
Not easy to biteBut I eat the right! He has distinguished itself in the knowledge of the people of a mystic, and 'film' that makes it attractive. The most obvious theme of the display chats, for years the mistakes of teachers in religious orders, sataşmadan restless Theology origin of the Qur'an and hadith movement exhibit reliable ... He is not funny, but easy prey. Other Ramadan, the type of programs no longer in the language of cliché, formulaic and boring theologian different teachers 'eccentric' figure ... Religion, history, politics, sports, sex, talking about all of them. Without boring, entertaining ...At first the said, Ramadan is no longer 'part of the market'. Outweighs the market value of these programs. Competition in the ratings, such as advertising makes up the essence of a religion with these values ​​... 'takva'yı almost impossible to meet. If he played a cautious approach prevail in these programs contact the measure piety ought ... No, not piety measure 'ceiling' do, then! 'Follow the religion temaşasına BEDIUZZAMAN değsin you look at the course of the dive! ..

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