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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin this week, the amphoras found in the country during the dive was a mockery of opposition newspapers and blogs.

Putin and the ancient Greeks released near the Taman Gulf, plunging Ukraine reported that Russia's official press organs of the two amphora and the international press as well as "a striking discovery," as he had found in the.

However, the discovery of independent media in Russia and became a subject of ridicule for the opposition blogs.

According to a report in Britain's Guardian newspaper, blogs, naked fish over Putin to hold this event, forest fires, use of helicopters during the fighting and demonstrations of machismo, such as a submarine subducted to Lake Baikal is said to be last one.

Notice there is no moss on pottery fragments taken from Sudan commentaries, these amphorae were probably "Putin as a mere formality" when they were there, is claimed.

"Archaeologists unable HAS TWO YEARS"

For example, the editorial in Novaya Gazeta, "Russian Prime Minister, Taman Gulf, during his dive, his MS at a depth of 2 meters Waiting since the 6th century, found the two amphora. Putin was lucky, because the Russian Academy of Sciences, archaeologists and divers in the past two years, a few small kıymıktan did not find anything else, "the statement said.

Taman'a Putin's visit and dive, from time to time, "Russia's Atlantis," which some consider the ruins of the ancient Greek city Fanagoria'nın Russian scientists who were designed to work on the agenda.

However, critics of state, Putin's December and the March dip in the pre-election claims that their objective is to strengthen its image.

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