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Friday, August 12, 2011

Testosterone is not only the muscles and the body feathers being developed thanks. Sex hormones in men with less seems to infection and allergy.

Science Technical - According to a statement from the University of Jena testosterone play an important role in the defense of the body. Certain cells of the female body more than twice as much produce substances that trigger infection. Diseases such as arthritis or asthma, therefore, more seen in women. But women in the hormone testosterone in the cells of the immune etkiyor.

As a result of experiments conducted in the laboratory of testosterone in both sexes appeared to inhibit enzymes that cause inflammation reactions. Jena, Carlo Pergola, and Oliver Werz researchers therefore recommend the development of therapies specific to men and women. New drugs are usually tested on male subjects and the results of these tests may not apply to women scientists, she cautions.

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