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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The United Nations, Dr.. Broun, stating that an increase in the incidence of AIDS in Turkey, "Turks are ignorant about their sexuality. Alarming situation, "he said

UNAIDS Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, Dr.. Denis Broun, on a regular basis each year, an increase in the incidence of AIDS in Turkey, stating that the situation "alarming" as described. Turkey, 56 percent of AIDS patients infected with the disease through heterosexual unprotected sex Broun noted, the Turks about their sexuality "ignorant," he said.
Last week in Izmir, the directory that will be fitted prosthetic surgery for patients with AIDS FROM afraid that Broun emphasized that doctors did not know enough about AIDS, "This situation is unacceptable. Doctors need more information about HIV risk. By law, doctors can not refuse treatment for any patient, "he said.

2 thousand people being treated
Broun says it is not enough information about the level of the Turks sexuality, AIDS "awareness raising" activities, said the government should do with the civil society organizations. Attracting attention to the importance of sex education in schools Broun, "to know the number of people living with HIV, unfortunately, not possible. We estimate that between 3 thousand and 10 thousand. AIDS is currently being treated at 2 thousand people, "he said.

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