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Friday, August 12, 2011

U.S. Treasury Department's target of Iranian Bank Mellat, the history of Turkey lives in the glory days. But why follow-up Bank Mellat?

Banks Association of Turkey (TBB), according to the Bank Mellat, 2010 - 2011 March period, ie the size of the fully active within a 15-month period increased 600 per cent and has raised 395 million pounds to 2.7 billion pounds. During the same period jumped by 800 per cent of the bank's total loans and receivables, and jumped to 227 million pounds to 2 billion pounds.
Showed itself in this amazing performance of the bank's deposits. 125 million pounds at the beginning of 2010, the Bank increased by 208 per cent of the total deposits climbed to 386 million. Bank Mellat'ın last 15 months, captured the dizzying success led to change in ranking. The end of 2009, ranked 35th among 45 banks in Iran rose to more than 14 spots in the bank at the end of March 2011 and 21 ranks. 3 branches in total in the bank, managed to leave behind several domestic and foreign banks.

Turgut Yilmaz Tekstil Mellat'ın behind the rest of the banks, the Libyans led the Arab-Turkish Bank, an Israeli-owned Bank of Positive Hapoalim'in Bank, owned by Hariri family Turkland Bank, owned by Husnu Ozyegin Fibabank'a's with the Turkish Bank .
So why follow-up Mellat Bank, Bank Mellat, but why, you ask the close scrutiny of American intelligence agencies. According to the Washington administration's claim that the Board of Germany in the Europäische-Iranische Handelsbank (ETL), the Tehran administration has an important place in international traffic of money. Willing to invest their money in oil and natural gas from Iran to European countries, ETL, Tehran also contributes to the process of arms management. This is for the closure of the bank's initiatives in the European Union and the German Central Bank, the U.S. administration, with 26 percent of Bank Mellat'ın EIH'nin Mellat'ın from the fact that he could to be covered by the international sanctions. Rapid growth of the Bank's activities in Turkey and seriously upset the U.S. administration on this issue is extremely high in a tone of voice the concerns expressed in recent months and "working with Bank Mellat burn the Turkish bank," gave the message. According to information obtained from the U.S. Treasury Department, arguing that the bank's support for terrorist financing, the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), through the takeover of banks in Turkey is demanding malvarlıklarına. However, the Turkish Government on the bank of a decision taken by the international community against it, pointing out that.

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