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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekly British magazine Grazia, Kate's back digitally Middleton'ın agreed thins

Grazia magazine's May 9 issue of the Royal Düğünü'nü news Photoshop incelttiklerini admitted that she's back Middleton'ın Duchess of Cambridge. Notable weakness in the cover but when you receive a tapered waist Middleton'ın, readers reacted journal. Rejecting the claims of her waist incelttikleri Middleton'ın magazine management, the latest issue of the Duchess of Cambridge announced a play on the photo.

Photo 'accidental' magazines, management said in a statement that came to be Middleton'ın Kate Alexander McQueen wedding dress design, they could not find inside the exposure of an individual, the bride of Prince William as well as all the frames in Photoshop for the frame removed from the prince said. But in the meantime, Kate Middleton'ın lever arm to add the photo frame to another which has to be separated. During this process, is also thinner than Kate Middleton'ın waist that has become a description of the management of magazines, from the intense reaction to the Press Complaints Commission was held on.

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