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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Toronto Fashion Week

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Liza’s Fashion Week: Day 3 @ #LGFW

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

LG Fashion Week in Toronto
Day 3 | March 30, 2011:
MICALLA | Duy | KRANE Design | LOVAS | Comrags | ATTITUDE Jay Manuel | David Dixon

After Lucian Matis‘ gracious (of-site) hospitality at the Design Exchange, the clamour of the main site is a little overwhelming. The crowds are out in full force and it takes the strength of a fashion journalist to struggle through the masses to get to the media office (there is no lounging this year!).

Fashion Week volunteers are like lifeguards, spotting media and pulling us into the runway room. With their help I arrive in time for the Comrags show. Judy Cornish and Joyce Gunhouse are true stalwarts of style, having served Canadian women for a quarter of a century. Signature blacks accented with prints and drab plaid continue to be used in their 2011 collection of sleek and simple classics.

The crowd for Jay Manuels’ Sears show makes the Pakistan-India cricket match look poorly attended, and the collection delivers serious style with enough attitude to shatter the glass ceiling.

Just before the last show, I realize I’ve lost my brand new camera! Fortunately, one of the volunteers – a wonderful young man named Rob, spots it, and crawls under the bleachers to retrieve my camera and good mood in time for David Dixon‘s celebration of “Sweet Sixteen” years as a designer of distinct elegance, and we are treated to a retrospective of his work before the new fall collection is revealed. The inspiration for the show is deeply personal and moving, and his work plays with Indonesian Ikat batik patterns, cadmium reds and his trademark use of laser cut fabrics to create textures that are distinctly Dixon.
My only regret is that I missed the Micalla show – which featured astonishingly gorgeous jewelery – one of the few designers who source their gems and metals from ethical and sustainable mines. I return home for a four hour sleep trying to remember the name of the L’Oreal product that eliminates bags from under one’s eyes.

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