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Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Movie Preview

2012 Movie Preview
2012 Movie Preview - Start saving some cash because you're going to buy a lot of movie tickets this year. Our superhero fix is looking better than ever as some huge franchises return, a few fan-favorites make their debut, and a legendary director returns to the genre he nearly perfected. Read on!

2012 Movie Preview - Marvel's The Avengers! The Dark Knight Rises! The Hobbit! Prometheus! Wow, talk about an awesome overload at the cinemas in 2012! This is going to be an astonishing year for the box office and I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one absolutely thrilled over a handful of titles coming out.

Superheroes will strut their stuff as The Avengers come to creation (Hulk vs Avengers? Make it happen!), Batman battles Bane, Ghost Rider apparently embarks on an insane adventure and Spider-Man throws down with the Lizard. Then, huge names like Lord of the Rings and 007 return while newcomers such as The Hunger Games and Prometheus hope to steal some box office dough from the veteran franchises. We know going to the movies is an experience that can burn a hole in your wallet, so we'll take you month-by-month and let you know what stands out from the rest. Get ready for some goose bumps as you watch these trailers, here's our 2012 Movie Preview!

Underworld: Awakening

When: January 20th

Why: As if brutal fights between Vampires and Werewolfs wasn't a good enough reason to watch, heavily armed humans are now being thrown into the bloody mix. Oh, and did we mention that Kate Beckinsale is back?

If Sold Out: The Grey, Red Tails, Man on a Ledge.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

When: February 17

Why: The absurdly crazy team behind the Crank movies just might be the redemption Ghost Rider really requires. This follow-up looks like a huge improvement over the previous film, delivering hilarious action and pure popcorn entertainment.

If Sold Out: Chronicle, This Means War, Act of Valor.

The Hunger Games

When: March 12

Why: Based on the insanely popular novel by Suzanne Collins, expectations are at an all time high for The Hunger Games. But what really appeals to us is the bleak future where a fight for survival is put on live television. What can I say? We're suckers for tragedy.

If Sold Out: John Carter, Casa de mi Padre, Project X

The Cabin in the Woods

When: April 13

Why: Did someone say Joss Whedon? The Avengers director wrote this film that's seemingly one part Evil Dead, one part The Truman Show, and that's about all we know. Another plus: it has Fran Kranz, and if you watched Dollhouse, odds are you love the guy.

If Sold Out: American Reunion, Bullet to the Head

Marvel's The Avengers

When: May 4

Why: Do we honestly need to give a reason? It's all the characters you love from the Marvel Studios films, but now in a team and being directed by Joss Whedon. Besides, seeing Robert Downey Jr. interact with the other heroes will likely be a good enough reason all by itself.

If Sold Out: The Dictator, Battleship, Men in Black III


When: June 8

Why: Legendary director Ridley Scott makes his triumphant return to the sci-fi genre. The obvious nods to the Alien franchise have us anxiously waiting to see the connections unfold and give some new life to the xenomorph's history.

If Sold Out: Brave, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, G.I. Joe: Retaliation

The Dark Knight Rises

When: July 20

Why: The end of director Christopher Nolan's trilogy comes as a double-edged sword. It looks great and is without question one of the movies we're anticipating the most, but it depresses us to know it'll be the end of his take on the franchise. With a look at Nolan's resume, we have faith that it'll all wrap up nicely... unless you're Bruce Wayne's spine, then we bet you're in for a horrible surprise.

If Sold Out: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Bourne Legacy

When: August 3

Why: Matt Damon is stepping aside and rising star Jeremy Renner will fill his shoes for the fourth installment of the franchise. It's a shame to see Matt Damon go, because just like they said in The 40 Year Old Virgin "I always thought Matt Damon was like a Streisand, but he's rocking the sh*t in this one!" And indeed he did, but Renner is a solid actor and we're optimistic about him taking the lead.

If Sold Out: Dog Fight, Total Recall, The Expendables 2

Resident Evil: Retribution

When: September 7

Why: Because deep down you know you crave some thought-free, slow motion zombie killing action. Michelle Rodriguez is attached to the fifth film in the series, but we're guessing that has to be a flashback since she was infected and killed off in the first.

If Sold Out: Dredd

Taken 2

When: October 5

Why: Liam Neeson surprised fans with his uncanny ability to kick-ass in Taken and now it looks like he's back for round 2. Count us in.

If Sold Out: Frankenweenie


When: Novemeber 9

Why: Regardless of who your favorite Bond is, few can deny the fact that Daniel Craig's depiction of 007 is a brutal delight.

If Sold Out: Wreck-It Ralph, Gravity

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

When: December 14

Why: The Baggins are back! Peter Jackson returns to his live action take on the Lord of the Rings novels. Now he has this prequel on the way, and I think we heard a collective cheer from fans around the world when the trailer hit the web.

If Sold Out: World War Z, Django Unchained

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