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Friday, January 20, 2012

casey anthony strip club

casey anthony strip club
casey anthony strip club Casey Anthony offered new job?, A strip club in Florida  reportedly offered Casey Anthony, 25, a job by posting a message on its marquis.

 Anthony, who was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, is rumored to have moved into the area. Not everyone, however, is happy to hear that she is supposedly thereIt seems the Casey Anthony camp are getting very itchy for an imminent payday with the posting/leaking of new photos of Casey Anthony, two of which show her playing affectionately with her purported adopted new dog.

Once again the images are coming from the ameliasobel twitter page. How this twitter handler (who was also the same individual who broke past videos and photos) is managing to find these photos is not easily understood. At this juncture one can wonder if ameliasobel is the designated distributer of said images on behalf of team Casey or just a very eager nimble researcher, which one imagines is the desired impression team Casey would like us to believe.

Also worth noting is the great pains in which ameliasobel continues to implicate a Rob Hensley as the content feeder who has coincidentally gone to great pains before to say he knows nothing about this, even if the facebook rantings suggest otherwise. Could those facebook rantings be dummy accounts to hide trails?

This after all is Casey Anthony who we are talking about who has a diagnosed history of making things up as she goes along.

Personally the idea that ameliasobel is Casey Anthony or at the very least her new best friend or soon to be new legal team would hardly surprise this author. Either way one gets the impression that ‘team Casey’ want their payday soon and after a 5 day absence of twittering on the ameliasobel account the hunger pangs have returned.
Which leads to the critical question will the media and the pubic continue to care or will this story die an agonizing death as the public has been emotionally spent on the back and forth innuendo and hustling for a ‘blood money pay day?’

Either way Casey Anthony’s child Caylee is no longer here yet the suspicious behavior of a cohort (team Casey) dedicated to publicizing her mother’s private goings ons is starting to leave a bitter after taste.

Time will tell if Casey Anthony will get her ‘blood money’ pay day….

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