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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebrities Who Need a Fresh Start in 2012

Celebrities Who Need a Fresh Start in 2012

Celebrities Who Need a Fresh Start in 2012 - A fresh haircut, a car wash and a renewed gym membership are all ways to kick off 2012 right, but some celebrities need more than the traditional resolutions to clean up their act. With the new year just beginning, scroll through and see which stars need a fresh start in 2012.

Christina Aguilera

As the star of hit show "The Voice," Christina Aguilera seemed set for a good year in 2011, but a national anthem screw-up, a fall at the Grammys, an odd arrest, her battle with weight issues and the occasional public drunkenness really stole the spotlight away from a successful new show. Luckily, the show is called "The Voice," because when all else fails -- and it did -- she's still got that going for her
Demi Moore

On the plus side, she still looks fantastic, but 2011 was a rough year for @MrsKutcher, who is hanging on to her Twitter handle for dear life. Even if the couple did have a Hollywood-style arrangement, Moore definitely played the role of victim in the cheating scandal/breakup with Ashton Kutcher. She also hasn’t done much beyond the
world of Twitter career-wise, so it's time for Moore to get back in the game. Sticking with what she knows best, Moore plays Miley Cyrus' mom in the upcoming film "LOL," and by the time that premiere rolls around, we're hoping she'll have gotten herself a nice, new, age-appropriate boyfriend as well.
Marc Anthony

'Twas a tough year for Marc Anthony, who had to watch while his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez paraded around town with a 20-something new boy toy, shortly after their split. This led to a heated custody battle and a lonely Anthony looking to rebound wherever he could. He may have recently landed model Adriana Ontiveros, and we hope
it's true, because what's the Latin lover going to do without a good love song to sing?
Katie Holmes

There was a time in her life when Katie Holmes was more than just Tom Cruise's arm candy or, more importantly, Suri's mother. Once upon a time, Holmes was an up-and-coming actress, but after flops like "The Kennedys," "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and "Jack and Jill" in 2011, it seems like "Mommy" is her only
award-winning gig. But before she decides to call it quits on her career and pump out another future Scientologist, we'd like to see her get one more shot at a being a movie star in 2012. Remember "Go"? That movie was cool.
Johnny Depp

Yes, on the surface, Johnny Depp has it all, but we have high expectations from our A-list stars, and we think Depp can do a little better. After filming the box-office disappointment that was Hunter S. Thompson's biopic, "The Rum Diary," Depp seems to have somewhat morphed into his character: He was caught on camera
stumbling out of a Hollywood club in October. A lifelong substance abuser, Thompson committed suicide in 2005 and had his ashes shot from a cannon -- a sendoff both funded and applauded by Depp. We'd like to keep Depp in one piece in 2012, so let's hope he remembers who he is.

LeAnn Rimes

A country singer who won a Grammy for Best New Artist way back in 1997, LeAnn Rimes spent most of 2011 known as "that skinny girl at the beach." Between her highly criticized appearance and her affair-turned-marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian, Rimes became more of a tabloid darling than a singer. This year it's time to put
all that nonsense behind her and produce some hit music again. If the best country music comes from real-life drama, then Rimes certainly has a lot to sing about.
Russell Brand

Just a few weeks ago, we asked you our readers, if Russell Brand and Katy Perry would make it or break it in 2012, and 76 percent of you guessed wrong. Well done, guys. It's all over for these two, who were married for a little more than a year. After the breakup, Perry partied in Hawaii, while Brand kept a low profile at home
in London. He reportedly said, "Here's hoping it gets better," after a fan wished him a happy New Year. That's sad. We want better things and maybe a new bookie wookie for Brand this year.
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton invented the phrase "famous for nothing" and was a pioneer in the socialites-getting-reality-shows phenomenon, but lately, finding Paris in magazines has been harder than finding Waldo. Yeah, she still has all that family money to roll around in and she continues to tweet about her nightclub adventures, but when a reality
comeback in the form of "The World According to Paris" tanked in 2011, it seemed like the spotlight had flickered out for Hilton. We're getting sick of the Kardashian hoopla, so 2012 seems like a good time for a Hilton comeback -- or, at the very least, an A-list relationship. Hey, if Stacy Keibler can do it…
Kris Humphries

A small-town kid with marginal NBA fame, Humphries went from zero to hero overnight by winning over the most coveted Kardashian in 2011. Before we knew it, he was popping bottles at nightclubs, making appearances around the world, and playing the role of oversized man-child on the Kardashian reality TV series, highlighted by
an obnoxious four-hour wedding special. After 72 days of wedded bliss, it was all over, and with the help of good editing, Kris somehow became the bad guy. He's been booed at NBA games and shunned from the celebrity world, so a clean slate is definitely what the doctor ordered for K-Hump.
Lindsay Lohan

She likely needs a new decade at this point, but a new year is all she's going to get, and we think it's time she uses this fresh start wisely. This year needs to be the year she stops calling the courthouse a second home, and starts attempting to land herself paying gigs that let her keep her clothes on. With most of her legal troubles
and a less-than-stellar Playboy pictorial behind her, Lohan is set for big things in 2012. Ankle bracelets are so 2011 anyway.
James Franco

We kind of thought Franco's stoner persona was a bit of an act until we saw him host the Oscars in 2011. For some reason, we picture him furiously scarfing down potato chips backstage during every break in that awards show. At the end of the year, Franco was also called out on his academia side-gig, when a professor from NYU
sued the school, alleging that he was fired for giving Franco a D in his class. That's an all-around bad PR year for Franco, who needs to start taking something seriously -- anything -- in 2012.
Courtney Love

Oy, Courtney Love. What are we going to do with you? The singer/actress (is she still either of those things?) was up to no good again in 2011, having to dish out loot for libelous tweets, stealing jewelry and stiffing the maids. That's 0-3 on lawsuits, for those who are counting, a record that just has to get better this year.
Along with her staying out of trouble, we'd also like to see Courtney brush her hair once or twice in 2012.
Charlie Sheen

At this point, we all know what happened to Charlie Sheen in 2011, but the question remains: Will his meltdown be what we remember him for forever? Yes, he's laughing all the way to the bank with his "Two and a Half Men" settlement, but the rest of the country was laughing at him, not with him, as he clowned his way
around the Internet and a few failed public "performances." Now what? In 2012, he needs to take a deep (drug-free) breath, drain out some of that tiger blood, and go back to winning the way he used to: by playing guys named "Charlie" on popular sitcoms.
Brandi Glanville

This year didn't get off to the best start for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville, who got married New Year's Eve during a drunken Las Vegas bender. Lots of tweeting documented the stripper-and-beer fest from Glanville, who is also known as the woman Eddie Cibrian left for LeAnn Rimes. All this wackiness is
what made Glanville famous in the first place, and we're pretty sure that's what she wants, but we'd like to see her make a more significant contribution to society in 2012.
Hugh Hefner

After being left at the altar in 2011 by grave-robber Crystal Harris, Hef declared war on the married life. Never again, he told People. But now he's fighting with his ex over a puppy. A puppy! Remember when his biggest problems in life were deciding which bunny he'd hang out with on a given night? Now he's got to deal with this
garbage? On the other hand, it's hard to feel bad for a guy who has so much, but now that he's back to his playboy ways, we're hoping he has a big 2012.

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