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Monday, January 9, 2012

Chelsea Clinton Leaving NBC

Chelsea Clinton Leaving NBC

Chelsea Clinton Leaving NBC - Chelsea Clinton leaving NBC? There are rumors that Chelsea Clinton, 31, may not renew her contract as a correspondent for NBC.

Clinton's contract is only for 90 days, and she still has two more stories to air. According to some sources, she just hasn't decided whether she wants to return.
Chelsea Clinton fans, now might the time to tune into Rock Center. Page Six reported Friday that Clinton is considering not renewing her contract for Brian Williams’s weekly newsmagazine past its initial 90 days.
 An NBC rep said the rumors are “100 percent false” and the network “couldn’t be more pleased” with her work. Sources told Page Six that they believe Clinton was “set up for a fail” when NBC overhyped her coming to the network as a full-time special correspondent.

 The source said NBC “created unrealistic expectations.” Clinton will still have two more stories air, but the source said that she doesn’t know if she will continue at NBC.

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