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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Human head Hollywood sign

Human head Hollywood sign
Human head Hollywood sign - Human head found on hiking trail, Police are investigating the discovery of a human head along a popular hiking trail in Hollywood Hills, Calif., below the Hollywood sign. Two dog walkers found the object when their dogs began playing with it. Investigators say the head belonged to a man and they are working on a sketch in order to identify who he is.

Human head found near the landmark Hollywood sign, The head was inside a plastic bag and was found by two women police are investigating the case. The severed head of a man was found today inside a plastic bag off one of the trails that runs near the Hollywood sign, local media reported. Two women who were walking in this area of Hollywood found the severed head, close to 3200 Canyon Drive, who alerted authorities. At the scene where their dogs had stopped walking and started playing with the bag. They told NBC news and police Sgt Mitzi Fierro.
During this time the head had come out of the bag. “It seems to be fairly recent. There is little evidence of decomposition,” said Fierro, who confirmed that a search was immediately organized to find more body parts in the area.

Access to the path where the head was found was closed to the public and will be monitored by the police. It was unclear as to the identity of the victim, although the Los Angeles Times reports that it was a man of about 40 years old. The case was turned over to the Robbery-Homicide division of the police force of Los Angeles.

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