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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kanye Teen Rap Video

Vintage video of teenage Kanye West rapping revealed

Kanye Teen Rap Video, Kanye West raps as 19-year-old (VIDEO) - Rapper Kanye West had to start somewhere. This freshly unearthed video, circa 1996, shows the hip-hop star as a 19-year-old, rapping on stage with none of the pyrotechnics and pomp that his shows come with nowadays.

Believe it or not, Kanye West didn’t emerge from the womb with millions of fans and a bevy of superstars aching to collaborate with him. He was actually once just a person like you and us, although probably always a better rapper.
And now we have the footage to prove it — a rare video from his teenage years back in Chicago circa 1996, long before he reached our ears with 2004’s The College Dropout. In the clip,the man behind Donda raps with his buddy phenom, sounding remarkably similar to the Yeezy World Peace we know and love today. Check it out below.

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