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Friday, January 6, 2012

lozada ochocinco wedding

Lozada & Ochocinco wedding

Lozada & Ochocinco wedding - Lozada & Ochocinco wedding off? Naughty boy? NFL star Chad Ochocinco's wedding to Evelyn Lozada postponed after she suspects him of cheating Rumors are swirling that "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada and NFL player Chad Ochocinco's upcoming wedding may be on hold. The two are set to be married in the summer and expected to start shooting their own reality show in a few weeks. No word if the wedding is officially cancelled.

He is famed for his gregarious nature and flamboyant personality.
But it seems NFL star Chad Ochocinco may have been too outgoing for his own good, after it was claimed his wedding had been postponed because he had been cheating.
The popular New England Patriots wide receiver's Basketball Wives star fiance Evelyn Lozada recently confronted Ocho after she became suspicious about his behavior, according to TMZ.
And when she failed to be convinced by his answer, she decided to call off the wedding.
They were set to be married in the summer, but Evelyn has put the brakes on the plan, though she did not go as far as officially cancelling it.
In addition, the couple were supposed to begin shooting their new reality show in three weeks, but this plan is also now on ice.

VH1 have been waiting to film a programme featuring the run-up to their nuptials since November 2010, and their lengthy wait could now prove to be fruitless.

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