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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Magnetic Locker Wallpaper $1 Million in Sales

Magnetic Locker Wallpaper $1 Million in Sales

Magnetic Locker Wallpaper $1 Million in Sales - Magnetic Locker Wallpaper, Are you fed up of cleaning the sticky residue from your locker at the end of the year? Well, magnetic locker wallpaper could be your hassle free option for locker decoration. Read on to know more..All of us spend a great amount of energy upon decorating our lockers during school years.
Lockers, sort of, become our identity and bear our personal signature. One peek inside a person's locker and we can certainly make out what sort of person he or she is. In short, students take as much pains to decorate their lockers as we adults take to decorate our homes. Needless to say, market is brimming with an assortment of locker accessories for school to suit the individual taste of students. Magnetic locker accessories are a big hit amongst students due to their simplicity of use and reusability. However, a major breakthrough in school locker accessories has come in the form of magnetic locker wallpaper. Let us see how this very useful accessory has revolutionized the way we decorate our lockers.

Locker Decoration with Magnetic Locker Wallpaper
All of us are well acquainted with the hassles of decorating lockers with glue and paper. Moreover, the job of taking the sticky residue and paper scraps off the locker walls used to be another task. At the end of year, we would curse ourselves for overtly decorating our lockers, as we tried very hard to clean up the locker. Same thing happened with a middle school girl named Sarah Buckel. Although, Sarah indeed had a hard time decorating and removing the decoration with traditional methods, she was certainly not the one to sit around and do useless work for hours. Instead, she came up with this innovative idea of magnetic locker wallpaper. Fortunately for her, her dad was a CEO of a company named MagnaCard which specialized in producing various magnetic products. During this time, in 2008 to be precise, the sales of MagnaCard were plummeting and they were in dire need of something innovative to boost their sales. Needless to say, Sarah's idea was instantly approved. Experts were consulted and within months the product hit the markets and made a history for itself. Sarah now has a patent for this product in her name and $1 million in sales!

So, how to decorate your locker with magnetic locker wallpaper? Well, magnetic locker wallpapers are the usual wallpapers with a magnetic back. They instantly stick to the metal surface of the locker and can be removed with equal ease. They can be cut to fit the size of your locker. These wallpapers come in attractive designs, colors and patterns. Although, initially the colors and designs were stamped as too girly, these days you can find many bold and masculine designs that can appeal to the taste of male students. These wallpapers are so attractive that they can suffice as only locker accessory for your school locker. The biggest advantage of magnetic locker wallpapers is that you can use them year after year. Besides, you are relieved of the hassles of cleaning at the end of the year.

Currently, MagnaCard is the only manufacturing company of magnetic wallpapers. Magnetic wallpapers come in sets of three 9" x 12" sheets. They are pretty affordable with a price range of $8 - $10. You can find these wallpapers in all leading office stationery stores. Staples, Target, Walmart, Office Depot and Rite Aide are some of the places where you can find a huge variety of magnetic locker wallpapers. However, the widest range of variety in terms of color, design and patterns is available on Amazon. So, browse through their catalog and choose your favorite wallpaper from hundreds of mesmerizing designs. Alternatively, you can also order it from the official website of MagnaCard.

Thus, magnetic locker wallpaper can be a great addition to your school locker. It is a good investment considering its durability and reusability. So, go ahead and decorate your locker with this brilliant locker accessory.

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