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Monday, January 9, 2012

Mayra Rosales Child Murder

Mayra Rosales Child Murder

Mayra Rosales Child Murder - 1,000-lb woman is 'too big to kill', A Texas court has ruled that Mayra Rosales, who weighs about 1,036 pounds (find a list of the world's heaviest people), weighs too much, and that it would have been impossible for her to lift her arm in order to kill her 2-year-old nephew, whom she was accused of murdering in 2008.

HIDALGO COUNTY -- Hidalgo County prosecutors are moving forward with their case against Mayra Rosales, the 800-pound woman charged with capital murder.
She's accused of crushing her nephew to death in March 2008.

She claims she fell on the toddler while she was babysitting, but prosecutors say the boy was beaten and his skull was crushed.
Her attorney Sergio Valdez said there's some evidence that could help clear her name.

He said the mother of the toddler is the perpetrator.

Some argue that she should never have let an 800 pound woman babysit the toddler.

Valdez said Rosales's sister is missing, and the district judge ordered both sides to come back to court for a pre-trial in mid-March to see if evidence results have come in and if Rosales's sister has been found.

Attorney Valdez said once those results are in, he expects the trial to be set soon after.
"Should this case proceed to trial, our state laws require that Mayra Rosales be present in the courtroom at some point in time....Mayra will be in the courtroom," assured Valdez.

Valdez said the case has been pending for some time because of Rosales's size.

Her estimated 800 pound weight makes it difficult for her to move, but Valdez said he has talked to doctors and experts and now has a plan on how to get Rosales to court when a trial is scheduled.

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